Hi my lovely readers!

Todays Bloganuary blogging prompt “What book is next on your reading list?” actually feeds nicely into one of my 2022 goals that I set for myself, which is to read more.

I love reading different blog posts and magazines and I do enjoy reading romance novels, but I will read one book and then not touch another one for months and months.

My goal for this year is to read 12 books, it’s technically one book per month, but I’m not going to stress about not reading one each month. I just want to look back at 2022 and be able to say to myself “Well done Anna, you managed to read 12 books”.

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

I have a few books on my reading list. One is the Lord of the Rings book series. Hmm, that’s already three books, 🙂 I watched all the movies repeatedly and I got the entire book series as a teenager and started to read book number 1 – The Fellowship of the Ring I believe three times, but never finished it.

Tolkien just goes in to too much detail for my liking and I kind of loose the motivation to read on. I love the story, but c’mon how many pages do you need to describe the feet of hobbits? But not this year! I am determined to make it through.

I also want to diversify my reading topics this year a little as I tend to read romance novels and a lot of fiction. I want to read one biography this year and I have selected Michelle Obama’s BECOMING.

I am lucky to have a library five min away from my apartment that is free to use for anyone living in my county. Hence, I can just pop around to pick up my next book.

What is on your reading list?

Do you have any books you can recommend?

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    1. There are days when I only read 15 min, then I might not read anything for a few days at all. I think it shouldn’t become a chore, it should be enjoyable.

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  1. Are you on Goodreads? It’s my favourite way to track what I’m reading and you can set yourself a reading challenge there too; I love reading but tracking it really motivates me to hit my target. (That said I missed my target last year – read 32/35! Dammit!)

    I agree with you on LOTR. Great series but Tolkien needed a more cut-throat editor! The part where they’re in the forest with the ents is soo long in the books… But overall, well-worth reading.

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  2. Thanks for this nice idea! Sure, I would recommend any book by Peter Mayle (British author), Gerald Durrell ”My family and other animals” and many other books. These ones clearly will make you laugh easily. I’m reading 2,3 books at the same time and I’m also writing myself different types of things.

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