I am fairly new to blogging, but it has been in the back of my mind for a long time now. So I decided the time has come to take as they say a leap of faith and just go for it.

Since I was a little girl I have been travelling around the world courtesy of Mum and Dad 😊 I was very privileged in that sense and am so grateful to have had an amazing childhood filled with excitement, happiness and new experiences, which I guess triggered my love for travelling.

This love for travel and tourism never went away and so I completed my Bachelors in Tourism Management and since then have been working in the travel industry.

Every year I go abroad to emerge in new cultures, meet the locals, taste the foreign cuisine and of course take a break from a busy and hectic life. I am excited about the places I visit and therefore want to share my passion with you!

While I was planning my holidays, I took inspiration, ideas and tips from many people just like you and me who have done the same or similar trips and shared their experiences and reviews.

Websites such as TripAdvisor or Cruise Critic have saved my holidays in one way or another many times, helped me to make informed decisions or gave me excellent tips, which I would have never thought of myself.

People posting on these websites take their time to share their experiences and I want to do the same to help people have their best possible holiday!

Another reason I am writing this blog is to inspire (young) people to go on a cruise. Hence my blog title “The World of Cruise and Travel”.

I am 30 years old and went on my first cruise when I graduated from University in 2013. My boyfriend and I went to Florida for two weeks and we combined the one week theme park hopping with a five day Caribbean cruise.

As many people I had my preconceptions. I was not particularly excited to waste five days of my holiday being stuck on an overcrowded ship with about 3,000 old people. My boyfriend wanted to try it out and I just tagged along and said yes to the cruise. BUT a few hours into the cruise and everything changed.

So, I hope you will enjoy reading my posts and hopefully can take some tips away.


My name is Anna Koss and I am a travel professional from Berlin living in London. I came to the UK with the intention of staying for one year to do some “Work and Travel” and met the love of my life. As so many others I just never left!

I have a Bachelors in Tourism Management and an Executive Masters in Business Administration. I love everything travel and tourism, but my secret passion is cruising! I count myself as a lucky person to be working for a cruise company and therefore doing what I feel strongly about and am addicted to for so many good reasons.