Hi my lovely readers!

During 2020, many of us looked into how we can save money to make our earnings and money stretch a bit further or in my case save up for my own place.

Additionally, people got more interested into how they can take care of themselves and also the environment as we came to appreciate nature more than ever before when we had no where to go, except our local parks.

I started to take better care of myself by practicing yoga, going for daily walks and improving my skincare and beauty routine. I normally use single use cotton pads for removing nail polish, applying cleansers to my face or removing make up.

But lately, I wanted to make small changes that are easy to implement and stick to, while having a positive impact on the environment.

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The first easy and obvious improvement for me was to make my skincare routine more environmental friendly. The other improvement took place in the bathroom as well.

The second swop I made resulted of Covid actually. We all had to and still have to wash our hands more than we ever did before, which means using a lot of soap. And I mean a lot. For simplicity, speed and convenience, I always used liquid soap. But not anymore!

The two swops I made that not only save me money, but are also good for the planet are:

  1. Using recyclable and reusable bamboo pads instead of single use cotton pads
  2. Using soap bars instead of liquid soap


I asked my friend Sarah from More than Greens for some recommendations regarding the face cleansing pads and she suggested the Bamboo Eco Cleansing Set from BOHO Earth.

The set comes with:

  • 15 Cleansing pads
  • Exfoliating glove
  • Laundry bag
  • Travel bag
  • Bathroom storage dispenser

I only started to use the cleansing pads recently, but I already love them. I bought them from Amazon. In case you are interested in them here is the link.

I like that the pads have different colours indicating the different uses as well as all the extras that comes with this set such as the travel bag, dispenser and exfoliating glove.

I made the swop from single use pads to reusable to be more environmental friendly and do my bit, even if it is just a little, for the planet.


This set is great for so many different reasons. First of all, you have three different pads for different purposes.

The charcoal pad is for removing eye and lip makeup, the white pad is for applying toner and the banana leaf pad is a great all rounder and can be used to remove nail polish, too.

They are all made out of soft bamboo cotton fibre, which is suitable for all skin types. The pads are organic, biodegradable and reusable as they are easy to wash. They can be used over and over again for around 1000 uses. Hence, they will last for years and years to come.

Being able to use these pads over and over again will reduce plastic waste, waste from throwing away the single use cotton pads and saves money. Also, I actually have more space in my bathroom now as I do not have to store hundreds of cotton pads. I only have my 15 bamboo pads and the exfoliating glove.

I really like the travel bag that comes with the set. It is very cute and I will be able to take the pads with me once I am able to travel again.


The other no-brainer swop was to go back to the gold old days and buy soap bars instead of liquid soap in plastic dispensers.

The soap bars actually cost a fraction of the price of liquid soap and last so much longer. Therefore, you are saving a lot of money, but at the same time you are helping the environment.

You are buying less plastic and as a result less plastic, except for the soap bar packaging, goes to landfill.

I use soap bars purely for washing my hands. However, I know a lot of people also like using them to wash their body. I bought a pack of four soap bars during the summer and only one bar is gone so far.

Have you done any changes during 2020 to be more sustainable and environmental friendly or have some tips and tricks to share? If yes, please leave a comment!


    1. 😂 haha, well I personally rinse the bar a little with water after I have used it, but I definitely see where you are coming from.


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