Hi my lovely readers!

Over the past year I have made it a habit to write down as often as I can, plus when I remember, a few things I’m grateful for each week.

This has helped me during the pandemic to see the good out there and to put my situation into perspective as we often tend to see the bad rather than the good.

I’m grateful for a lot of things such as hearing the birds chirp outside my temporary office at home, having the bathroom up and running again after my leak, the sunshine outside and the list goes on.

These are things I’m grateful for when it comes to daily life, but here are 5 Things I’m Grateful For Because Of Travel!


Travelling has taught me to be independent and not to rely on other people or their opinions that much anymore. I used to be very shy as a teenager and used to ask my friends for advice or feedback all the time.

But solo trips and living in the US for one year has made me realise that I’m capable of relying on myself, it made me more independent and prepared me for my future life.


I’m very grateful for past travels around the world as it helped me to be open minded.

I was in my Germany bubble for a long time and learned everything about other countries at first from what I learned at school and what I saw on telly. But that’s really one-sided. You think “I saw this on telly and that’s how xyz is living, is working, is doing certain things etc”.

But often that’s just one drop of the ocean. Travelling opened my eyes that there is more to that. Even if we have these preconceptions we need to be open minded to what we learn or see can be different and that all people are not the same even from the same nation, region, heck not even city.


I’m really grateful for having had the opportunity to stay in 5 star hotels, visiting Svalbard and Norway and having experiences I could only imagine in my wildest dreams.

I was very fortunate to have worked for some amazing travel and cruise companies. Some companies send their staff on so called FAM trips (familiarisation trips) in order for them to get to know and experience the product to better sell it.

I went to Jamaica with Sandals and tried paddle boarding and snorkeling while staying in all-inclusive luxury hotels with my private butler, cruised around the Mediterranean with Silversea and visited the Arctic in 2019 as part of an expedition cruise with Hurtigruten.

I would have never been able to afford such trips if it wasn’t for those companies and my passion for travelling that made me apply to those companies.

Especially cruising around the Arctic was a once in a lifetime experience for me and so magical and special.


Travelling around the world and living in different countries certainly is always like a geography lesson. There is just so much you can learn at school. I used to be ignorant (not on purpose) and clueless about certain parts of the world.

I’m really grateful for travelling, because I learned so much, which helps me to be a better purpose.


Lastly, I’m really grateful for emerging in different cultures and tasting different cuisines.

Food is such an important part of travelling for me, one I always look forward to. I look up restaurants and dishes I want to try in advance and get very excited about.

I love coming across fruits and veggies that I’ve never seen before and weird and wonderful spice blends or drink combinations.

Tasting the world has become a big part of myself as I like to make new and different dishes at home from around the world. Travelling allowed me to see that and gave me the confidence to experiment more in my kitchen, too.

What are you grateful for?

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    1. Thank you. ☺️ I really did enjoy writing about it. Made me even more grateful and appreciative of all the great things I’ve done, learned and saw.

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    1. Thank you! 🤗 I used to worry about so many things back in the days and thinking “what if xyz happens” but a lot of things never happened and I wasted a lot of energy having negative thoughts, feeling scared and anxious. Life is easier if you tackle things when they actually happen and also to be positive. So I always try to stay positive.


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