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Britain is famous for its pubs. Literally everyone who comes to the island to visit will end up in a pub for either a drink, lunch or dinner.

Going to the pub for a drink after work, meeting friends for a catch up over dinner or going for a Sunday lunch with the family is embedded in those of us living here and part of our DNA.

British pub food is very traditional, hearty and enjoyed in a casual and often informal setting. There’re a few pub grub classics that can be found in almost every pub across the UK that just scream British classics and that you should try when visiting.

Here are 11 of my favourite pub dishes.

1. Sunday Roast

Sunday is the time for the family to come together and enjoy a nice meal and that’s normally a traditional roast, either a roast lunch or dinner.

Sunday roast can be lamb, beef, chicken, gammon or a veggie alternative and is traditionally served with roast potatoes, the famous Yorkshire pudding, veggies, gravy and an additional sauce matched up to the meat.

2. Pie

Chicken and Mushroom Pie

Pies date back all the way to the 16th century. They’re made out of shortcrust pastry and stuffed with different fillings. The most popular pie fillings are steak and kidney, steak and ale, or chicken, ham and leek. Nowadays more and more pubs will also serve veggie options, but of course there’re loads more.

The pie is often served with mashed potatoes or chips, different veggies and gravy. Yum.

3. Chicken Tikka Masala (Curry)

Curry and especially Chicken Tikka Masala has become one of the national dishes next to Fish n’ Chips. There’re many Indians living in Britain and they brought along their amazing and super tasty food heritage that is now firmly embedded in Britain’s culture.

4. Fish n’ Chips

Fish n’ Chips

Of course the most famous pub classic of them all is Fish n’ Chips and every single pub has this dish on the menu.

Fish n’ Chips is served with a dollop of tartare sauce, a good serving of vinegar on the chips and peas. If a pub gives you the choice between garden peas and mushy peas, make the effort and go for mushy peas and give them a go. They’re really nice and that’s the traditional way to eat them with this dish.

5. Jacket Potato

Jacket potato is a simple dish that is great for those that prefer to have a smaller meal or those that aren’t too hungry yet. It’s simply a big backed potato filled with for example cheese and bacon, chili or tuna just to name a few.

6. All Day Breakfast

One of those truly unique and super traditional dishes is the English Breakfast, also known as All Day Breakfast.

This comes with sausages, bacon, hash browns, toast, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms, baked beans and black pudding.

It’s one filling breakfast option that you find in hotels as one of the breakfast choices, we make at home for breakfast at the weekend and eat when we have a hangover.

You can’t beat a good old English Breakfast.

7. Bangers and Mash

Sausage and Mash

Bangers is the slang word for sausages. Therefore, Bangers and Mash is simply sausages, but proper British sausages with mashed potato and gravy. And who doesn’t love a good sausage? Try this dish with English mustard. Proper comfort food.

8. Ham (Gammon), Eggs and Chips

You might have noticed, but there is a chips theme when it comes to pub food. And Ham, Eggs and Chips is exactly what it is. You get a few slices of ham or gammon, with fried eggs sunny side up and chips on the side.

9. Shepherd’s Pie

Not to confuse with the other pies, Shepherd’s Pie and Cottage Pie are completely different and don’t include any pastry what so ever. These tasty dishes have a mince meat base and are topped with mashed potato.

10. Burgers

Another one of those dishes that you never get tired of eating is a burger. We love our burgers and the options get better and better every year if you ask me. A burger is definitely a British thing as well.

You can get a classic beef burger or veggie burger, but also halloumi burgers. Or if you want to go crazy order a burger topped with bacon, onion rings, double burger paddies and BBQ sauce that won’t actually fit in your mouth. Hmm, I could totally have one of those right now!

Halloumi Burger

11. Steak and Chips

Brits love a good steak and different steak options can often be found on a pub menu such as rump, sirloin or ribeye. You can chose how you want it cooked and it comes with chips and sometimes some peas, mushrooms and/or a side salad.

You can enjoy your steak plain or order some extra Peppercorn or Diane sauce if you wish. I personally like to have mine plain and just dip it occasionally in English mustard or brown sauce.

What are your favourite pub classics?

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    1. Haha, you’re too funny Andy. It’s not bad at all and as a German I must say I do like the good old bangers and mash, can never go wrong with a classic pie and I really have to come to fancy the English breakfast, yum!


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