Hi my lovely readers!

We already explored the public areas on MS Roald Amundsen such as the Science Center, lounge areas, restaurants, gym, sauna and of course the pool deck.

In this post I want to show you some of the cabins that I had the pleasure of viewing.

All cabins on MS Roald Amundsen are outside cabins and the majority come with their own balcony. Overall I can say, all cabins on this ship feel and are very spacious, even the entry level cabins.

As with the public areas, the cabins make use of natural materials such as birch and oak that give you the scandi feeling. Lots of different textures were used including wool that make the cabins very homely and inviting.

So, let’s dive in and view some cabins!


Polar Outside cabins are the entry level cabins on board MS Roald Amundsen. Having said that, they are very spacious with lots of room. Therefore, they  feel a bit upscale in terms of space.

I was very surprised how big the cabin was when I first entered as you do not get that sense of space from pictures.

Polar Outside cabins are located on the lower and middle decks, meaning decks 4 and 5.

Some offer flexible sleeping arrangements and the sitting area can either be a sofa bed or comfy chairs with foot rests.

I do apologise that I do not have more pictures of cabin 527, but the bathroom of cabin 538 (see further down) is basically the same to give you an idea.

527 RR – Outside cabin on lower/middle deck

527 (3)


Arctic Superior cabins are one of the most popular cabin grades on MS Roald Amundsen. The majority of those cabins have a balcony to enjoy the views from the comfort of your cabin.

The cabins are located on decks 4, 5, 7 and 8. Only a handful of those cabins are on the lower decks though, the once without a balcony. Hence, the majority are on the upper decks.

Most of the Arctic Superior cabins also offer flexible sleeping arrangements, the sitting area again can either be a sofa bed or chairs with foot rests and come with tea and coffee making facilities, in case you fancy a hot beverage, but do not want to leave your cabin.

TT 538 – Outside cabin on lower/middle decks

XTJ 714 – Outside cabin with balcony


Last but not least, we have the Expedition Suites. These suites are located on the upper and mid – decks; 7, 8 and 9.

They are large cabins with broad windows for excellent views and the majority of them have their own balcony, some even come with their own hot tub!

Most of the Expedition Suites additionally have an electric fire place installed. Can you imagine being in Antarctica, surrounded by snow and icebergs and you are sitting in your suite with a cup of coffee by the fire place enjoying the scenery? Sounds great, right?

All Expedition Suites offer flexible sleeping arrangements, have their own Espresso maker, tea and coffee making facilities, a mini bar, bathrobes and on your arrival include a little welcome gift.

Of course, there are other perks when staying in an Expedition Suite such as complimentary dining in Lindstrøm, the speciality restaurant on board MS Roald Amundsen and many more.

MA 800 – XL Suite with balcony

MB 576 – XL Suite

MC 756 – Corner suite with balcony

MD 701 – Large suite with balcony (handicapped suite)

ME 903 – Suite with balcony 

MF 700 – Corner suite


I really enjoyed viewing all those cabins and was so surprised how inviting and homely they felt due to the use of the natural materials, especially the Expedition Suites with the fire places.

Some of the cabins have really clever additions that I have not come across before myself and that are very useful. For example, as seen in the pictures from cabin 538, the cabins have drying facilities for boots in the wardrobe. And the bathrooms have these magnifying mirrors.

I was also impressed by the bathrooms I must say. I find the wood finishing very appealing and there is enough storage space.

Overall, the cabins are well thought through and well designed. They are spacious, modern, clean, comfy and all offer great views.

It really is home away from home and I would be happy staying in any of those cabins. Although, if it was up to me I would choose a cabin with a balcony 🙂

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