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Last year I went on my first cruise with Princess Cruises. I stayed in an inside cabin on the Sapphire Princess as I am most of the times out and about.

I do not spend too much time in the room, hence I do not necessarily need a window or a balcony cabin. But this is just me.

I most of the times know right away which cabin suits me and my needs best. So, for this trip it was an easy choice. If you have difficulties selecting a cabin, check out my post “Choosing your perfect cabin” for some ideas, tips and points to remember. 

I stayed in cabin D 718, which is on deck 9, the Dolphine deck. This cabin is located towards the aft of the ship and close to the lifts. Hence, its location is very convenient.

Also, there are only cabins located above and below cabin D 718 so it is quiet. Moreover, the cabin is situated more or less in the middle of the ship in terms of decks so you cannot hear the propellers of the ship or feel any vibration, which can be the case on lower decks.

The cabin is not very big, but it served its purpose very well. It was very comfortable and big enough for two people.

It comes either with a queen bed or two twin beds and two bedside tables for storage as well as a desk with a chair to get dressed and ready and an inbuilt mini fridge.

The TV was in the corner of the room so you could watch TV easily and comfortably from the bed.


The room comes with a small kettle to make some coffee and tea. This was apparently reintroduced after the refurbishment of the Sapphire Princess.

The charging sockets (they are American) and the hairdryer are also located on the desk. Furthermore, there is more storage space in the desk.

The bathroom was standard with a shower. I did like that Princess Cruises offers complimentary body lotion along with the standard shampoo and shower gel that I believe all cruise lines have nowadays.

bathrrom princess cruise

The last part of the cabin was the wardrobe. This was located between the bathroom and the main cabin room and almost felt like a little extra space.

There was enough space  for our shoes and plenty of hangers to put our clothes for our 12 day trip and the door of the wardrobe had a huge mirror, perfect for checking yourself out! The safe was also located there.

Here you can find the overview of the stateroom features:

  • Queen bed or two twin beds
  • Fridge
  • Flat screen TV
  • Safe
  • Hair dryer
  • Desk
  • Tea and coffee making facility
  • American plugs
  • Shower gel, shampoo and body lotion
  • Bathroom with shower


The cabin was very functional, but showed some signs of wear and tear. Still it was clean and had everything we needed.

The beds were changed during the refurbishment in March 2018 and as Princess Cruises advertises, you will have a good slumber in them. They were super comfy and I woke up every day feeling relaxed and full of energy.

I would also like to point out, that there are not that many charging points in the cabin. Everyone has at least two devices per person that need to be charged on a daily basis and the cabin only had two charging points on the desk.

I would recommend this cabin to anyone who really just uses the cabin for sleeping and getting ready as it has everything you need.


    1. I actually asked to see a balcony cabin as I was curious and they were really nice. The price difference was just a bit too much between the cabins and like I said, I am mostly out on the decks sunbathing or getting involved in activities so it seemed a waste of money to pay for a cabin that I rarely use. At least for that particular itinerary.


  1. Wow, a kettle. That’s a major bonus. The only ship I’ve ever sailed on that had anything like that was P&O Arcadia. It had a teapot, which we loved having in the room. (It was probably the same thing as your kettle.) Neither Ruby Princess nor Royal Princess had anything like that in the room, and I was just on Royal Princess last month. My trick for the lack of USB ports is bringing a clock with 2 USB ports built in so for the space of one plug you get the clock plus two USB ports, which is pretty useful on a ship.

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    1. This was an inside cabin, but many cruise lines also offer outside cabins with port holes or a picture window, which allows for sun light. But yes, it is nice to relax on a balcony or to watch the sailing in when you get to a new destination from the comfort of your cabin.


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