Hi my lovely readers!

Benjamin Disraeli knew already more than 200 years ago, that travel is very important.

Travelling around the world is not just about doing some sightseeing, getting a sun tan and eating nice food. That is only a fraction of the travel experience.

Travel is about experiencing how people live, learning about their culture, their heritage and future.

And most of all, it brings us all closer together and contributes to understanding.

Benjamin Disraeli, who served as Prime Minister here in the UK more than 200 years ago knew:

“Travel teaches toleration.”

– Benjamin Disraeli

Happy Thursday!


    1. Ohh, there could be whole discussion and debate about that! I think all cultures are unique, but do I love all of them… hmm not so sure to be honest, just speaking for myself here. However, I do tolerate them as of course every country is different and diversity should be celebrated.

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