COVID – 19 has lead to our holiday plans being disrupted, cancelled or postponed. We cannot really plan anything for the next few months.

But, we will be able to travel again and some of you might already have an idea where you want to go when this is over. Or maybe you have booked a holiday for the end of the year and have your fingers crossed that by that time life has returned to normality.

Which ever situation you find yourself in, there is one question though.

Should you purchase a holiday or any kind of item for your holiday right now?

Stores are closed, but online shopping is an option. The majority of companies have managed to set up their workforce to be able to work from home and businesses start to adapt to this new environment. Hence, many stores and companies are virtually still open.

And because many people are looking after their finances at the moment, rightly, companies still want us to spend money of course. So, in order to make us part with our money, plenty of companies are offering great discounts, offers or add ons.

I personally believe, if you are in a stable financial situation, right now might be a good idea to grab a few bargains. This can be anything from clothes, electronics and even some currency to hotel bookings.

You can safe money now that can be spend later on for instance on holiday souvenirs.

But, what if you have no stable funds or savings? In this case I would urge you to postpone unnecessary spendings. You never know what is going to happen over the next weeks or even months and you might need money for other essential spendings such as rent, utilities, food etc.

Still, even if you have funds right now, always make sure you have enough for rainy days or in this case more rainy days. Use your common sense and judge if you are able to spend money right now on a holiday or not.

Also, keep in mind that if you book a flight, cruise or hotel, operations might not be back to normal for the next weeks, most likely months. Therefore, your holiday might still be disrupted or might get cancelled again if you book something for the next month for instance.

Make sure you can trust the company you buy from. Possibly do a bit of research on their financial stability. Some airlines such as Flybe have collapsed already and other tourism companies might follow.

Lastly, remember insurance. Lots of providers will change their policies now and exclude certain services or hike up their prices.

What is your opinion?



  1. I’m definitely not booking anything right now. I am worried about how long this will last, job security (given I work in the travel industry!) and losing money on non-refundable/non-insurable trips.

    As a travel addict, it’s so difficult and I wish I could support the industry more but I’m just not in a position to do so right now. 😦


    1. Yes, I know what you mean. I am buying a few tangible items, but cannot really commit to buying a holiday as I want to go abroad and far away from the UK where it is warm. If it was Europe, I think it might be different for me and I would be open to the idea of buying a flight for a small weekend getaway, but I am not looking for that. I am booking a few hotels for Christmas already though, but they can all be cancelled free of charge.

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      1. Home, but we want to combine it with a little road trip to Netherlands and Germany. We just put new all season tyres on the car so we can also drive in bad and snowy weather.

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