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Last weekend was lovely, the sun was out, it was warm, people were playing in the gardens and it was just the perfect day for a day out of National Trust sightseeing and some walks.

I went to Osterley Park this time located in West London, something a bit closer to home for a change and right in the city more or less. Osterley Park and House is only a one mile walk away from Osterley Underground Station on the Piccadilly Line, so it’s really accessible for anyone who would like to fit this beautiful house into their sightseeing schedule. They also have parking on site in case you want to drive their.

Osterley Park – The Countryside In London


Osterley was built in the 1570s originally as a Tudor house by Sir Thomas Gresham, but was acquired by Sir Francis Child in 1713, who transformed Osterley into the neo-classical mansion it is today to show off and demonstrate his status and prosperity.

Osterley House

Osterley is so important nowadays as it is one of the last surviving country estates in London, plus it’s one of the few remaining estates being able to show the finest and most complete work by Robert Adam, who remodelled and transformed Osterley from 1761. His style is present throughout the house and he has left an imprint in almost all the rooms from the decoration of the walls, ceiling, friezes to the furniture.


The house sits in a beautiful and tranquil setting right in London, surrounded by formal gardens, a tree-lined drive way, park and farmland with grazing cattle and ponds where the ducks are happily bathing. You feel like your actually in the countryside and not in busy and loud London. It’s just great.

The house itself feels grand, the interior rivals that of palaces. Adam designed every room and every room has a different style and feel, which is fantastic.

When you enter the house the best way to start your house tour is by heading up to the second floor and working your way down to the ground floor. The staircase and light fittings already hint at what you can expect from the house tour.

Eating Room

The first room you get to see is the Eating or Dining Room. This room is grand, but at the same time relaxing due to the use of beautiful warm and pastel colours of pink and greens as well as golds. This is where the Child family would have had dinner as well as dinner parties.

Long Gallery

Next up is a room with a wow effect – the Long Gallery. You just wouldn’t expect to find such a room in this house. The Long Gallery spans the entire length of the house (40 m) and is decorated in greens and gold and displays paintings.

The Long Gallery of Osterley featured in movies such as The Young Victoria and Belle. The house is a popular venue for movies and films and can be rented out in fact.

And of course there are the State Apartments designed to impress potential royal guests, which never turned up by the way. The Tapestry Room was inspired by Mrs Child’s love for the garden and animals and gives the room a royal feeling for sure. It’s intended purpose was to impress and entertain royal guests staying over or at least very famous and influential people.

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From the Tapestry Room guests would have gone to the State Bedchamber to sleep, featuring an eight-poster State Bed intricately decorated and full of detailed work.

The last room of the State Apartments is the Etruscan Dressing Room. This room at first glance, at least to me, gives of an Egyptian vibe, but the motives at further inspection are inspired by Adam’s tour around Europe.

Entrance Hall

The house tour ends with a walk through the Entrance Hall inspired by Greek and Italian architecture as well as French colour schemes. As so many entrance halls it was used to welcome guests and host big parties back in the days. Even now it doesn’t fail to impress and is really beautiful and welcoming.

All the rooms at Osterley are impressive and there is just so much detail, work and effort that Adam put into designing and completing the rooms. Some of the rooms really look as good as those of Hampton Court Palace or Kensington Palace.


The formal garden and woodland trails are located just behind the house and make for a nice little nature walk. When you enter the garden area to the left are the woodlands with some nature dens for kids and lovely picnic and seating areas with views of the house and to the right are the formal and walled garden with the Orangery.

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At the moment cherry blossom is in season and so is magnolia and the estate has some trees, which are in full bloom and just so gorgeous to look at right now. And so are the daffodils. It’s a feast for the eyes and it will only get better once spring is here!

The formal garden has been restored recently to what it would have looked like back in the 18th century as it was overgrown and taken over by wilderness. It took around six years to complete this massive project. And I can honestly say the NT has done a fantastic job with that.

Once you step into the garden you definitely forget that you’re in London, I promise.


Osterley Park is amazing. It’s so rare to find such an estate with this much land in a city and especially one like London where space is a luxury. I absolutely enjoyed my time there and even my partner said it’s worth going back for another visit soon.

After our tour of the house and gardens we also enjoyed a coffee in the Stables Cafe and I had a quick look in the shop before it closed as they always have lovely and homely accessories and tasty treats.

Osterley Park really ticks all the boxes such as sightseeing, nature walks, shopping and a lovely lunch or afternoon treat. That’s like my ideal day, which it was. I arrived back home feeling happy, my explorer side was satisfied, rejuvenated and content.

  • Opening times: Visit the website as opening times vary
  • Admission: Adults £14.30, Children £7.20, Free for members
  • For more information please visit: Osterley Park and House
  • How to get there: By car – Jersey Road, Isleworth, Middlesex, TW7 4RB (sat nav TW7 4RD). By Underground – The closest station is Osterley. Osterley House is a short 1 mile walk away.

Let me know if Osterley Park is on your list of places to see when you visit London soon!

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