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I have a ton of cruises I want to take in the future as there’s more to cruising than just your Caribbean cruise, although those are fantastic as well.

You’ve got the big white ship cruises as we call them in the cruise industry. Those are mostly your ocean cruises on the bigger ships that go to the Caribbean, Alaska, Mediterranean etc.

But there’re also expedition cruises travelling to more remote destinations such as Galapagos, Antarctica, the Arctic, French Polynesia and the likes.

And lastly we have river cruises that take you right into city centres around the world on the Mekong in Asia, the Nile in Egypt or the Elbe in Germany and more.

With so many cruise types to choose from as well as destinations, I’m spoiled for choice and I already have a big cruise bucket list that I hope to tick of in the future and over the coming years.

My Cruise Bucket List

Galapagos Islands

When I was working for Silversea, they had amazing expedition cruise footage from this destination. There are tight restrictions for anyone visiting the Galapagos Islands, you need permits and visitor numbers are restricted, but I think it would be amazing to visit one day to see and learn more about the biodiversity of the Galapagos Islands and see where Darwin got his inspiration for his theory of natural selection.


Photo by Derek Oyen on Unsplash

I mentioned this a few times I believe in my previous posts, but I really, really, reaalllllyy want to go to Antarctica one day. I have some friends from when I was working for different the cruise lines who went to Antarctica and their pictures and stories are just incredible.


I never really wanted to travel to Alaska. Cold, cold and more cold. BUT, that all changed since I travelled to Svalbard. When I saw how amazing the icy glaciers, snowy mountains and waters can be. Also, it’s the perfect way get to some of the more remote areas of Alaska as I’m not too keen to get stuck out there in the wilderness I must say 🙂


Well, I meant to go on a cruise around some of the Hawaiian islands two years ago in 2020, thanks Covid… So, of course that’s still on my cruise bucket list. The idea was to spend a few days pre or post cruise in Honolulu and visit some of the islands by cruise. And that is still what I intend to do.

Canal Cruise

Photo by spalla67 on Pixabay

Another one of my bucket list cruises is taking a cruise through one of the big canals. I heard so many good things about the Panama and Suez Canal cruises and they’re very popular as well. We have a lot of locks here in the UK due to the old canal network and people taking barges. I love watching them open, the water rising or falling and the ship or boat moving on. I don’t know why, but for me that’s very calming and I admire the engineering. Seeing that on a much bigger scale would be amazing.

River Cruise

I tried an expedition cruise and have been on multiple ocean cruises, but I never tried a river cruise. That’s something I want to give a go at least once. When I visited Budapest I saw a lot of river cruise ships and they look rather compact and like the perfect vessel to navigate rivers. I also watched some river cruise TV shows and it really is a great way to travel.

Cruise in Asia

I would also like to take another cruise around Asia. I don’t have a specific itinerary in mind necessarily, but I enjoyed my short cruise around Japan. I think it would be cool to visit a few ports in Vietnam and Shanghai as well. I’m really fascinated by Asian culture so another cruise is for sure on my list from or to this area of the globe.

Norwegian Cruise with Hurtigruten

I realise this is very specific cruise bucket list item as I already know which cruise line I want to travel with. I want to see Norway in the winter when everything is covered in snow and the trees are glistening in the sunlight. I want to see the northern lights and I would love to, if possible, go on a snowmobile or try a Husky tour.

Hurtigruten ship in Svalbard

This is not possible with any other cruise line as they don’t offer itineraries that time of year. Hurtigruten really are the specialists when it comes to navigating the Norwegian waters as they offer cruises all year round and most of the staff are Norwegian. They really know their stuff and the ships dock in smaller ports that the bigger once can’t get to.

World Cruise

I would love to go on a world cruise when I’m retired. 3 – 4 months travelling the world? That sounds like a dream to me. No packing and unpacking, no flights except the inbound and outbound once, visiting almost all countries in the world, all the comforts of a floating hotel. I can already picture my old me sitting on the lido deck waiting to dock at the next port.

Travelling on one of the mega ships

Photo by Fernando Jorge on Unsplash

I know it’s not for everyone, but I enjoy travelling on the bigger ships as I like to get stuck in and try all the amenities and activities on board. The smaller ships don’t really offer that and I would love to travel on ships such as the Symphony of the Seas, Wonder of the Seas etc from Royal Caribbean as they have so much to offer.

These are the cruises on my cruise bucket list for now. I say now as I’m sure I’ll add some more destinations I want to visit in the future. 🙂

Have you been on a cruise or are there any cruise itineraries or ships you would like to go on?

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