Hi my lovely readers!

Phew this is the last day of Bloganuary 2022! I made it, we made it! Congratulations to all of us that posted one blog post every single day for the month of January. 👏 A big thank you as well to everyone who had to endure the email/notification bombardment. 🙏

What did I learn and would I do it again?

Well, I’m surprised how I made it through and really stuck with this challenge. I always complained that I don’t have enough time to write, am not feeling it, am out of ideas blablabla. Basically I just found excuses why I couldn’t write a new blog post or work on an existing one. But I really wanted to push myself this year and amazingly found the time somehow to write something every single day.

I learned that if I really want to I can make the time for writing, editing and brainstorming blog ideas and content. Where there is a will there is a way. Additionally I feel like I found my way of writing. I’m more at ease and comfortable writing how I would speak to a human being. Hence, I think, I would hope so, it improved my writing style.

I’m also a lot faster now at writing and can finish a blog post within a few hours, depending on the length and research I have to do of course. This is fantastic as I get more time back. I won’t continue posting every single day, but I learned a lot this month.

Will I do it again?

I know there are similar challenges taking place across the year such as Blogmas, but for now I think I’m good. I have a lot going on at the moment and would like to shift my energy towards those things. But I’m not opposed to joining such a challenge again as I learned a lot and the blogging prompts were certainly totally different to what I normally blog about, which of course is travel and cruise related content.

But it was fun writing about something else once in a while and connect with people that talk about the same topic, but have a totally different perspective.

To conclude, it was a total success!

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