Hi my lovely readers!

Hmm, a dream I remember? Well, I must say I have really odd dreams. I always dream from a bystander perspective and people don’t talk in my dreams. I always know what’s going on and I can see myself and the other people in my dream. I would say I have frequent dreams, too and can remember them most of the times at least for a few days.

Recently I had a dream about heading to the airport to go abroad. I was on a train first and then got of at the airport stop. I went to the terminal building to find my gate, but the airport was really big and there were stairs everywhere, which confused me. I didn’t know where to go and started to feel panicky as I thought I would miss my flight.

Then next thing this girl appears trying to help me, which was nice. But my dream all of a sudden changed and instead of walking around to find my gate we walked to Sainsbury’s (a supermarket chain) to buy some water. I used my special trolley coin to get a shopping trolley and we went inside to buy a few items. Once inside, we walked around the aisles and filled up the trolley, but when I was at the checkout I noticed that this wasn’t my shopping and not my trolley I was about to pay for. Someone swopped the trolley and took my special trolley coin. So when I woke up I was thinking about that trolley coin.

Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels

This happens so often to me that one dream is interrupted by another. I believe I process a lot in my dreams as they all relate in one way or another to what I talk about and think about during the day.

My dream about the airport is I would say related to me not being able to travel again. I’m about to visit my family next week and I guess subconsciously I’m afraid something will happen again that will prevent me from seeing my family.

And the shopping dream, well I just did a big weekly shopping. I guess I was still thinking about that, but I have no idea why I was so focused on that special trolley coin.

Can you remember your dreams?

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