Hi my lovely readers!

As it’s 2022 I thought I would share with you 22 things I would like to do this year. Of course this is all Covid permitting, but I’m an optimist. Some are travel related and some are just in general things I would like to do or accomplish overall this year.

I think this is a fun way to sort of have an overview of what is on our mind and what our desires are of what we went this year to look like and how we want to shape it. I enjoy sitting down at the end of the year flipping through pictures and thinking back of everything I’ve done and seen.

With no further ado here are my 22 Things I’d Like To Do In 2022.

  1. Go home for Christmas this year
  2. Visit a Christmas market – I really miss those
  3. Read 12 books
  4. Take a cruise finally after two years 🚢
  5. Reach 600 blog followers
  6. Go to the zoo – I love watching animals
  7. Visit Scotland
  8. Join a gym again and get those winter cobwebs out
  9. Join some sort of club – sport, music, crafting?
  10. Have a wellness day in a spa
  11. Treat myself to some fancy afternoon tea ☕🍰
  12. Finish all DIY in my apartment
  13. Visit a warm water country
  14. Spend one day at the beach 🏖️
  15. Try more new and foreign recipes
  16. Visit friends more often this year
  17. Further my career somehow
  18. Learn a new skill – I’m thinking coding at the moment 🤔
  19. Take up some old hobbies again such as puzzling (is that how you say it?)
  20. Go to Tropical Island in Berlin
  21. Watch a West End theatre performance
  22. Visit a Country Show

What’s on your list? Is there anything you want to accomplish this year or a particular destination you want to visit?

Let me know in the comments, I’m keen to know 🙂

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6 thoughts on “22 THINGS I’D LIKE TO DO IN 2022

  1. my list has already had set backs. Hopes for international travel are all but dashed as family dont want me to go yet, and well i could but i would spend the whole time feeling guilty so its going to be another domestic year for me… but i hope you can make 22 out of 22 by the end of year! Looking forward to seeing if you do!


    1. Oh that’s a shame Andy, but I guess understandable to some degree. My other half is the same of not wanting to travel long-haul yet. I need to see if I can convince otherwise in the next 11 months.


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