Hi my lovely readers!

If I was a time traveller I would go back to the year 2006. I would go back in time and relive my year as an exchange student in the US.

Why? The answer is simple. I had the best year of my life.

I don’t like how we as a nation or even global society evolve. We are increasingly becoming selfish in my opinion and I’m certain some of the sci-fi fiction will or in fact is actually coming true eg. less green spaces, overpopulation, crazy inventions, AI etc. So I don’t want to travel into the future for sure and I don’t really fancy going back to the past, to times that I haven’t experienced. Maybe I would like the 80s, yeah maybe that would be cool, but as said I would want to go back to September 2006, back to Idaho in the USA.

I met so many great people that year who I still call my friends, although we haven’t seen each other for years. I grew in confidence and learned to be independent. Heck I learned a new language. And I just had so many great experiences that I will never forget and that I cherish forever.

I learned how to snowboard and how to play tennis, I took part in an American initiation when I joined the swimming team, I went to prom and homecoming, got my heart broken, went out for trick or treat during Halloween dressed up as a vampire, visited Disney World, joined the drama club and the list goes on and on.

I had such an active and eventful year like I never had before and I loved every minute of it. I loved it so much that I actually didn’t want to go back to Germany, but of course I had to.

I’m not saying life sucked since then, but I think back then I was a teenager and life was open, full of opportunities and exciting and now I’m an adult with a 9-5 job so the situation is a bit different. Still, at least now I’m old enough to go to the pub for a drink with my mates and stay until the bell rings for the last round. 😉

Which year would you want to travel to – to the past or future? Or maybe you would stay right hear in the present?

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  1. Well, I would like to trave back to the past, to the moment when I met my boyfriend in Greece and also to another moment, to take a better decision. But, all in all, I am very happy with my life so far. The future I know how to build it, I don’t need to travel there. I like the present moment in general. Good luck with your 2022 plans!

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