Hi my lovely readers!

Phew, we are more than half way through the Bloganuary challenge. Can you believe it? I can’t really 🙂 I want to say congrats to all of us that have made it this far, well done!

I love looking at pictures and it’s an excellent question to ask What is your favorite photo you’ve ever taken? But this is also a very tricky one as I have a few pictures that I really enjoy looking at.

I love pictures that spark an emotion or memory and that are bright, light and have vibrant colours. Pictures that are a bit more artistic and play with angels etc are also high up on my list. But the picture I’m most proud of is this one.

I took this picture back in 2019 from a moving Zodiac during my Expedition Cruise in Svalbard. I just had a mini intro photography course on board as part of the curriculum and learned about reflections, that was one of the photography tips.

During the next landing I took out my camera and thought I’ll give it a go to see if I can implement some of the tips and tricks I learned and the result is this picture. I think it looks amazing with the glaciers and the pastel colours in the background, the dark turquoise water and the cruise ship as the main object of the picture.

Every time I look at this picture I get some tingling in my stomach as I love that picture. It takes me back to 2019 and my expedition cruise to the Arctic, which was a once in a lifetime experience for me and one that I treasure dearly.

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    1. Yes, they definitely are. One of my best cruises for sure as it was just so different. I really want to take another expedition cruise to Antarctica and Galapagos Islands one day.


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