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What I learned very quickly when moving to the UK is that the Brits love supporting charities and are passionate about fundraising and doing their bit, which is absolutely fantastic.

There’re a ton of charities out there and worthwhile causes to support, all different, but nonetheless important. I participated in a few fundraiser activities myself at work such as collecting money for cancer research, collecting money for a local elderly home so that they could by a new bus to take the elderly out for day trips, collecting rubbish along some marshes and cleaning up the riverbeds.

Sheffield Park and Garden

As I said, these are all important causes, but in my spare time I love supporting the National Trust as they’re preserving our heritage, landscapes and wildlife.

These are all important to me as I love being out and about, going for hikes, learning about Britain’s history and enjoying my time in nature. Furthermore, a building can’t restore itself and us humans very often destroy nature willingly and unwillingly. It’s not the fault of animals that their habit shrinks, so I think we need to do our bit to help them as they can’t help themselves and we are the cause of their distress.

Ham House

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All the money collected through memberships, raffles, gift shop purchases etc goes back into looking after these old historic houses. Their upkeeping is very costly and the preservation and conservation of old artefacts is extortionate, but they’re doing a great job to keep history alive for all of us.

Funds are also directed towards protecting wildlife and nature, which we have come to appreciate (again) during lockdown. It’s so important to protect species of insects, make sure there’re enough untouched grass lands and intact ecosystems where otters can survive.

Coombe Hill

Hence, I have taken out their membership repeatedly, made separate donations and am always happy to purchase items that might be a bit more costly from their local shop than from the high street as I know and can see where the money is going. When I went to university I even volunteered a few times as time allowed.

I think they are doing a fantastic job and I want to keep on supporting them going forward.

What is a cause you’re passionate about and why?

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