Hi my lovely readers!

Can you believe I’m half way through Bloganuary? I’m so impressed with myself for sticking to writing one blog post every day. I hope you enjoyed them so far.

What is a life lesson you feel everyone can benefit from learning?

That is an excellent question and a very important one. Looking back at my life, what I learned over the years on this planet and my experiences I would say be more of a “yes person”.

What I mean by that is to say yes more often to the things you know will enrich your life, make you happy, bring you joy, let you try something new and get you to step out of your comfort zone.

In 2006 I attended a seminar that prepared me to move to the US for one year as an exchange student. They told us to be open, join after school clubs and engage with people even if we might not feel like it and to say yes to invitations, even if it’s not our cup of tea exactly.

This was the best advice I could have possibly received. I was very shy back then and people invited me to a lot of events at the beginning of my exchange year, which was really nice. They really wanted me to feel welcome, which they did.

Instead of backing off and declining invitations I said yes. Mind you back then my English wasn’t great and I had difficulties understanding my new American friends. Plus, I just moved to a new country and lived at that point with my new family for one year, but they were still strangers. It was very intimidating and scary, but I did it anyways and I had the best year of my life that year. Purely because of some simple advice to say YES.


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