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The last two weeks saw me reflecting on the past year 2021. I already mentioned in one of my previous posts that I found 2021 more restrictive than 2020. In fact I saw less, I travelled less and the vaccines didn’t exactly (in my opinion) live up to there expectations.

Looking back at each month, here is what my 2021 looked like. Each picture sort of summing up what I was up to that month.

January + February + March

I can’t say I have any nice memories really of the first quarter of the year as we were in lockdown.

I remember I was going through conveyancing at this time so pretty much every other day I had to read about leases, deeds and god knows what. I guess that kept me busy while I couldn’t go anywhere and couldn’t really see my friends and family.

Of course I did go out for walks around my neighbourhood, but that’s just standard for me now as I go for an hour walk every day during the week at least.

Bushy Park, Hampton

Hence, I don’t have pictures for those months, except this one, which pretty much sums up the first three months of the year 2021 – walks around my neighbourhood and Bushy Park.

Around the end of March lockdown measures were slowly easying and in April we were able to do a bit more outside and venture further.


White Horse Hill – National Trust, Uffington

I visited one National Trust site, White Horse Hill for a freezing walk. Your supposed to see a white horse in the hills, but really you can only see this with a drone.

Still, it was nice to see something a bit different than my own four walls.


In May things looked a bit more bright and I headed for a day out in Dover, which was lovely as I wanted to visit Dover Castle for some time and see the port.

I remember that day feeling like freedom. It was the first day for months that I visited a proper attraction, went shopping (not food shopping) and ate out. I can’t tell you what a good day this was.

White Cliffs of Dover, Dover

The castle was great, seeing the busy port that keeps the UK running and ending with a lovely walk across the White Cliffs of Dover was just the best.

And, as I have done very often over the past two years, I also had a lovely countryside walk in Surrey with my partner around Norbury Park.


In June things were bright again and I took a few days off for a little trip up North. I visited Bolsover Castle, Mount Grace Priory, High Force Waterfall and Beamish Museum as well as Leeds.

I remember wanting to go for a nice meal in Leeds, but everything was packed. Like, packed, packed and I’m not used to that anymore. Plus, I’m still trying to avoid overcrowded places as best as I can.

Mount Grace Priory – English Heritage, Northallerton

Still, freedom was definitely in sight for us in England and I was happy to have a small holiday. I was saving up my time to visit my family in Berlin, but I had to wait to be fully vaccinated before I could go. I had to wait all the way to August…


July was one hot month and I mostly made time to see my friends outside, have relaxing pub dinners in Richmond, visiting some more National Trust gardens and going for picnics.

Sheffield Park and Garden – National Trust, Uckfield

Life was good again as Freedom Day (sort of like the end of Covid) was announced in England and all lockdown measures were removed.

I still wore masks though and kept my hand sanitiser close by and of course some Covid measures have been reintroduced since then, but still. There was hope.


I spend the most of August like I spend July. My partner was away to visit his family abroad so I was by myself fore a good two months.

I was invited to spend one weekend with my old uni friends in Wiltshire, which was lovely as I haven’t seen them for over one year.

Ham House – National Trust, London

I also went around some of the National Trust sites such as Ham House and Polesden Lacey by myself or with a friend and made the most of the warm summer days sightseeing, cycling and eating/drinking afternoon tea in the cafes.


In September I joined my partner abroad as entry requirements finally changed and spend a good week in Istanbul. We did have time to visit one of the summer palaces there, which was amazing.

There was a swimming pool in the middle of the building indoors. I wish I could show you pictures, but we weren’t allowed to take any.


I finally made it home to see my family and friends in Berlin, too for two weeks. My Dad turned 60 and I was so happy to spend this important birthday with him and to finally see everyone again after a full year of separation.


It was move in day as finally our flat purchase was completed. I still can’t believe I have a flat!

But that meant that October was the month of DIY. We spend every single weekend making improvements in the flat. It was difficult, it was annoying, but we now have a space that we love to live in.

We painted and put in new flooring in the kitchen and storage room and painted some of the skirting boards.

Two rooms finished and the rest to go! šŸ˜…


November went by so quickly for me. More DIY, but I also had one fantastic day in London one weekend. It was the first time for years that I went around the city and played tourist.

Tower Bridge, London

It was great as I was joined by my friend Sarah from More than Greens. We just walked for hours and ended up in a pub for one drink, which turned into more like 4 or perhaps 5… šŸ„“


And the last month of the year was for sure a whirlwind. Family issues and my flight cancellation to go and see my family over Christmas.

But on a more enjoyable note, I managed to squeeze in one last trip to the West of England. I spend on day in Shrewsbury taking in the lovely architecture of this town, visiting museums and learning so much about its past.

Medieval Tudor house, Shrewsbury

I went around three beautifully and christmassy decorated National Trust properties to get me into the Christmas spirit and took a hike around the beautiful English countryside.

Christmas sucked for sure in 2021 and I was sooo glad to see 2021 go as I talked about in my post Hello 2022 And Bye, Bye 2021 Your Have Been…


2021 did not turn out how I hoped it would. I was expecting to be able to travel more and visit my family more than once, but I actually had to wait almost eight months, because of my age, to be fully vaccinated to be able to travel abroad as many countries had strict travel restrictions.

I ended up exploring a lot of nature and National Trust as well as English Heritage sights, but I’m ready to see something else.

My hopes and dreams for 2022 are to see my family more than once this year and to visit some warm water destination. I would also love to make a booking for a cruise as I still have that FCC that needs to be used back from 2020.

How was your 2021?

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  1. Although things didn’t work out as planned for you Anna, you made the best of things but it must have been so depressing not to be able to travel to Germany to be with your family over Christmas. Let’s hope all these travel restrictions will soon disappear and we will be able to travel wherever we want again.

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