Hi my lovely readers!

I actually have heard today’s prompt multiple times over the past two years as I’m sort of on a self-development journey since Covid. I’m trying to better myself, gain time back, get stuff done and have a fulfilled life.

What does your ideal day look like?

This question is common when you want to figure out what you actually want from life and how you want to spend your time to bring out your deepest desires and to take those steps to a better life and the life of your dreams.

I believe I already had my ideal day a few times doing what I love, while getting paid for it and that was every single time I went on FAM trip aka familiarisation trips.

Working in tourism and getting to experience the product or better the service is the best. I flu to Jamaica for 5 days to view all the hotels in the hotel portfolio on the island, ate exquisite food and tried the amenities out as well as activities.

Cocktails on the house as many as I wanted, paddle boarding in crystal clear water and staying in a villa with a butler and almost a private swimming pool. I had to share mine with only one other couple.

I can’t express how cool and amazing this experience was and I wish I had more days like this.

Or travelling to Svalbard, seeing polar bears, eating local Norwegian food and doing a polar plunge. These are all experiences that were just perfect and every day of these FAM trips was an ideal day.

So, I guess in the future my ideal day is something like working from a beautiful, different and exotic settings. A resort, a hotel, a small country cottage, just a different setting than my apartment or a company office and finishing early to relax and do some sightseeing or an activity.

I would want to wake up early to do some yoga (maybe by the beach?) before work and enjoy a morning coffee on my terrace in the sunshine. Then work a few hours and go out for lunch and some drinks and take it from there.

I guess my ideal day is linked to freedom, having more time for the things I enjoy and work less.

What’s yours? Let me know in the comments.

4 thoughts on “BLOGANUARY DAY 13 – MY IDEAL DAY

    1. Travelling more this year for sure is my dream. I miss the warm water destinations. I love travelling around the UK, but seeing something a bit different from castles would be fab 😆 Hope the same for all of us actually


    1. Yes, it totally was the best when I just sort of graduated from university. I felt so spoiled and privileged. Working in travel is great when you find a good company that invests in product training. I do miss those days sometimes for sure.


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