Hi my lovely readers!

It’s day two of Bloganuary and so far I’m going strong. Well, it’s only been two days but you know we often set good intentions and they go out the window the next day.

The writing prompt for today relates very nicely to my blog, which is:

What is a road trip you would love to take?

I love travelling around the UK by car. Driving through narrow countryside roads isn’t exactly fun, but the reward of seeing stunning and undisturbed scenery is totally worth it. Passing small villages along the way that are picture perfect just as you see them in the movies and trialing local delights, for me that’s often sweets and cider πŸ™‚ is what I’m always looking forward to. In fact, last year I talked about why taking roadtrips is better than flying, especially during Covid times.

So, what is a roadtrip that I would love to take one day? Well, I have two actually.

Number one is driving all the way up to Scotland. I’ve never been to Scotland and I’m fascinated by its history and scenic beauty. I watch a lot of different shows and every time Scotland is shown I think to myself “Wow, this looks stunning and so beautiful”.

Photo by binoraesch from Pixabay

I want to explore the highlands, go for hikes, see Loch Ness, visit different cities and towns such as Edinburg, Glasgow, Inverness and the list goes on. Plus, I would love to take the NC 500, the most scenic route in Scotland. It just looks breathtaking and in my opinion shows the best Scotland has to offer in terms of raw landscape, mountains and scenery.

And the second roadtrip I would love to take is London to Berlin, but this time taking plenty of stops along the way to visit sights in the Netherlands and Germany.

In 2020 I drove all the way from London to Berlin in one day. It was very tiring, but a great alternative to flying during Covid. The next time I would like to actually see something along the way. This sort of roadtrip for me would be a lovely holiday and a lovely way to explore two countries and visit my family.

I would like to explore Rotterdam, visit Cologne again to go to the chocolate museum, visit some historic castles, make a stop in Utrecht and Hannover, eat plenty of German food that I can’t get here in the UK and just explore a bit more of the country I come from.

What is a roadtrip you have on your list or can you recommend any?

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      1. πŸ™‚ It’s amazing how many countries you can actually visit by car in Europe. You could even drive all the way from London to Istanbul and cross continents as half of Istanbul is in Europe and the other half in Asia with the rest of Turkey.

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  1. You should definitely explore Scotland – you would absolutely love everything about it. I used to live in Edinburgh for three years and couldn’t get enough of their beautiful castles heaps of history and stunning landscapes. Happy New year to you πŸ€—


    1. I meant to go last year, I even bought better tyres for the car and all, but then Covid happened. I love old castles and homes. I’m very much looking forward to seeing them. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to this year or perhaps the following year.


    1. The drive is tiring for sure and it’s a long day, but taking the ferry is nice. You could even get to Poland in 24 hrs by car as the polish boarder is very close to Berlin in fact.


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