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As soon as Halloween is over, our minds tend to focus on Christmas and the stress (at least for me) of finding that perfect Christmas present for our loved once.

If you’re like me and have almost every year no idea of what to buy, these gift ideas for cruiser lovers might help out.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Cruise Lovers


OBC or onboard/shipboard credit is a really great gift for any cruiser. It’s free credit, sort of like a gift card, that can be used for pretty much anything from booking shore excursions to purchasing drinks packages.

This way, the person you’re gifting this to can use it any way they want and that best suits them. It’s a practical, useful and thoughtful gift that can easily be purchased through most cruise lines’ website.

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It’s also a great last minute idea as you can print out the cruise credit voucher at home and wrap it up, maybe with a box of chocolates or flowers?


Travelling in style is a great way to start a holiday. I always feel joy looking at my fruity watermelon passport holder and luggage tag as it signals the start to my holiday.

But for cruisers, there are loads of cruise ship or nautical inspired options out there online that will surely spark some joy and make that cruise holiday just that little bit extra special. I found these options by browsing, which I think look pretty cool.


For the cruise ladies out there, jewellery is a great way to carry that cruise holiday memory with you at all times. Pendants or charms are great options for necklaces and bracelets.

Pandora for example sells different travel and boat inspired charms through their collection that look fantastic. However, there are other shops that sell different kinds of pendants in the form of boats, cruise ships, anchors and more such as Amazon and Etsy.


How about making the morning cuppa ritual that little bit extra special by gifting some cruise inspired mugs? A good start to the morning by thinking about the last cruise or possibly looking forward to the next one surely must be a good present.

You can customise mugs and create your own special mug as a present for someone through companies such Snapfish and many others, purchase cruise and nautical inspired mugs online or buy them from cruise lines directly.

Whichever option you might go for, it will make for a lovely present.


Us cruisers like to express themselves and want to show that we absolutely love cruising. And what better way there is to shout out to the world that you’re a cruiser than by wearing a cruise inspired t-shirt?

Many cruise lines sell clothing through their own online stores, through their website. If you know someone who is very fond of a particular cruise line, why not by them a t-shirt from that line?

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Alternatively, there are many cruise inspired t-shirt options to choose from anything from “Keep calm and cruise along” to “Not all who wander are lost. Some of us are looking for our cabin” (love this one) on for instance Amazon.


Four our friends here in the UK and the US, stocking fillers are a big part of Christmas and little cruise inspired bits and bobs are also available that might be a nice addition to tasty sweets and treats.

Some ideas include key rings, magnets as well as neck straps and Tortuga cake. These are all small items that can easily fit into a stocking and the neck strap will surely come in handy during the next cruise to never forget the room card.

How are you getting along sorting out this year’s Christmas presents?

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  1. interesting ideas! I’ve actually pretty much finished all my christmas shopping. Need to buy a couple of vouchers for a couple of people, that’s all and I’m done. not only that but I’ve already WRAPPED all the gifts too. well, i spent last week in iso…

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