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The other day I was going for my daily walk around Bushy Park and decided to head to the Woodland Gardens, which is sort of a little garden within the park with little ponds, relaxing water features, colourful rhododendrons and plenty of other interesting pretty flowers and shrubs.

The park is home to and a sanctuary to all sorts of animals from squirrels, bunnies, different birds, butterflies, bugs, bats and many more. It’s like a little wildlife zoo.

But the most dominant, visible and noisy animal present must be the green ring-necked parakeet.

These tropical birds have spread across London over the years and other parts of the UK, but the majority can be found in London. They’re now part of the local wildlife. Touristy spots where they’re most dominant in London are:

  • Hyde Park
  • Bushy Park
  • Kensington Gardens
  • Regents Park
  • Richmond Park
  • Holland Park and Notting Hill

Some people actually seek the parakeets out intentionally to feed them and get them to land on their shoulders and hands. Apparently just like pigeons, the parakeets in London, especially those in parks such as Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, are used to people walking around and therefore are more trusting.

If you hold out some food such as fruits or seeds on the palm of your hand, they might just come. However, it’s not actually encouraged by the parks, but people still do it. I guess it’s a bit more special to feed tropical birds than pigeons. 😅

The parakeets in Bushy Park can be spotted across the park, but there’s one section that I came across in the Woodland Gardens where they like to come for food. They land on these giant leaves and nibble on the stems and and the plants that are the shape of a cone. The section is close to the footpath and the background makes for such nice pictures.

When I saw them, I spend a good 15 min or so just watching them as they’re so beautiful and exotic. Sometimes you don’t have to travel far to have a little bit of paradise. It can be right on your doors step.

Would you like to feed the parakeets in London?

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  1. Yes, absolutely. And makes you forget everything around you, at least for me hehe. They can be hard to spot in the trees sometimes so requires some concentration to find them in this case.


    1. Well, no one actually knows where they came from. The rumor or is that Jimi Hendrix set a breeding pair free or that they escaped from a film set. Either way, amazing they managed to thrive here.


  2. We have this lovely little park near us, with a manor house for weddings and a lake, it’s really beautiful. And there’s Parakeets over there all the time, they’re so beautiful! I’ve actually seen a lot fly over my house as we’re surrounded by trees too!

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