Hi my lovely readers!

I recently became a member of the National Trust again, now for the third time in fact, as my English Heritage membership recently expired.

I’m such a big fan of the National Trust and would urge anyone who can to become a member and support the great work they’re doing. Plus, it’s just a no brainer as the membership is really, really affordable at only Β£10 per month for two people. That’s only Β£120 a year and that’s nothing in my opinion.

After getting the membership, I decided to make it my mission to visit all National Trust sites in the UK. I’m not sure what sparked this crazy idea, but some people want to climb the highest and most dangerous mountains in the world, I just want to take in the beautiful British countryside, go for lovely long hikes and walks and visit old country and manor homes. πŸ™‚

There’re over 500 National Trust houses, castles, ruins, monuments, gardens, parks and nature reserves. I have only visited 37 so far. I have a long way to go and travel as they’re located all over Britain. But I’m very much looking forward to it.

National Trust Posts:

With that said, I managed to tick another site of my list last weekend, Sheffield Park and Garden in East Sussex, which is a beautiful landscaped garden with parkland and woodland walks as well as ponds and lakes with very pretty waterlilies and soothing water features.

We strolled around the grounds, had some ice cream and enjoyed a lovely picnic. It was such a nice day and as the weather was pretty hot, the garden offered some welcomed protection as it offers plenty of shady walks to escape from the heat.

My Mission – Visiting all National Trust Sites and Sheffield Park and Garden in Pictures

Let me know what you think of my crazy idea and if you are thinking about maybe doing anything similar!

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    1. Haha August. I would have to see like 15 a day! Maybe if I can teleport myself to all these places I would be able to finish by August πŸ™‚


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