Hi my lovely readers!

You might have noticed that I was a bit inconsistent the last week or so posting on the blog, but life just got in the way these past weeks.

I’ve been studying hard to get a foundation certificate in Digital Marketing and as part of this “sort of degree” I had to do some research and write a report. That took longer than I expected and took too much of my time alongside work, normal house duties and of course the blog. Luckily that’s over and done with now so I can fully dedicate myself to this little creative space once more, which I’m so looking forward to.

I also went on a little trip up to the North of England for an extended weekend the previous week. I had to just get away for a few days and recharge by just doing some sightseeing therapy. I visited lovely cultural and scenic sights such as Bolsover Castle, High and Low Force Waterfalls and Mount Grace Priory just to name a few. I really needed that as my last break was in December last year and I felt a bit deflated with everything going on and overwhelmed.

Mount Grace Priory

I’m also in the middle of purchasing my first home and that requires a lot of looking up and understanding of legal terms. Why can these documents not be written in plain English, why do they have to make it so complicated? I’m a slow reader and understanding lease terms, just one 20 page document, might take me several hours. So, lots of boring and complicated stuff to go through, but it’s necessary.

So yeah, lot’s of exciting things happening at the moment. Our lockdown restrictions here in the UK are also about to ease even further, if once can believe the news and travel restrictions to Europe, which the EU is imposing on us, are hopefully about the be less strict, too. If we can believe what Mrs Merkel is saying … That means I can finally travel to Germany without having to self isolate for two weeks and see my family! Yippi!

Overall, the future looks more positive. I’m excited to travel around again, see my family and fully work on my blog once more as I missed it.

Thank you all for sticking around, I really appreciate it!

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    1. Oh really? I sort of fell into it since last year to be honest, but find it very interesting, too. It is sponsored by my company, but I was able to pick this course myself as part of personal and career development. I am taking on more and more digital marketing tasks so I thought this would be very helpful to get a better understand and overview. I have a great manager who supports me so am very lucky šŸ™‚

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    1. Yes, you are right Andy. It’s hard when you’re a native speaker but even worse when English is your second language, definitely. And more legal stuff is to follow! šŸ˜…


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