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Today, I thought I’ll keep it sweet and short for you and show you mostly in pictures what Kenilworth Castle, one of the many English Heritage sites looks like and what you can expect from your visit.

Kenilworth Castle is actually a ruin located in Warwickshire in England and managed by English Heritage nowadays. The castle was originally built in the 1120s as a Norman Keep, but was extended around the 1560s to court Elizabeth I.

The Queen used to stay at Kenilworth Castle, but was rather unsatisfied with the state of her quarters. When it was passed on to Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, who was well liked and respected by the Queen, he turned it into a palace fit for the Queen.

In 1650 the castle’s fortifications were dismantled and the castle fell into disrepair. Still, the ruins of Kenilworth Castle became famous through Walter Scott’s 1821 romance “Kenilworth” and of course many visitors still come to admire the castle ruins and its grounds, including the well looked after and maintained Elizabethan garden.

Today, visitors can explore the grounds around the castle, wonder around the ruins to imagine what court life must have been like hundreds of years ago and explore the Elizabethan garden. Once Covid restrictions ease some more, visitors can also tour the Leicester’s Gatehouse and its exhibition about the castle and its people.

With no further ado, please enjoy!

Kenilworth Castle – An English Heritage Ruin in Pictures

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    1. It was very big with lots of grounds to explore as well. Some part were closed during our visit due to Covid, but they looked interesting eg. steps that go up to higher points and I bet you would get great views from there.

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