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With more and more Covid variants popping up and more and more countries putting Britain on the black list again, I think it’s looking like it will be another staycation this year for me.

I was already leaning towards this anyways, but I guess this is just confirmation once more that travelling abroad isn’t much of an option this year for me, which is absolutely fine as there are so many places I want to visit here in the UK anyways and so many things that I want to see and do.

Therefore, I was thinking it would be a fun idea to put a sort of UK bucket list together and see if I can cross of a few items on this list this year.

My UK Bucket List


This is such a popular sport in the UK and part of the culture with the Royal Ascot being the most popular and important horse racing event of the year.

I have a few race courses close to where I live and it would be fun to just see what all the fuzz is about, place a bet or two and dress up with the fancy hat.


I heard a lot of things about Blackpool and want to see it for myself. I want to go to the Blackpool Tower and Pleasure Beach, eat my Fish n Chips and take a stroll around the city. I also saw that they have a nice indoor waterpark close by, which I would love to go to.


Photo by Oriel Frankie Ashcroft from Pexels

This has been on my list for many years actually. I always wanted to go to Edinburgh. It’s such an old and historic town and seems to be a good starting point to explore Scotland.


And of course you have to go to Loch Ness when you’re in Scotland and hope to get a glimpse of the monster. I grew up with the mystery of Loch Ness and have always been curious about the stories of Nessy.

Does the monster of Loch Ness exist? Who knows! Either way, it would be great to find out for myself and to explore the Scottish Highlands and beauty of the countryside.


To be honest I’m not really sure what the Isle of Man has to offer, but I hear good things about the Isle of Man and I have seen it on many TV shows. I would like to visit it one day as it seems to be a popular tourist destination and it looks rather lovely.


Image by Ad Vertentie from Pixabay

As you might know, I love old historic buildings and palaces. A few times now I passed road signs pointing in the direction on Blenheim Palace. This palace looks gorgeous, grand and extravagant, but I haven’t visited it yet.

If you like palaces as much as I do, maybe have a look at these posts about New Palace and Sanssouci in Potsdam, close to Berlin in Germany.


I’ve been to Norfolk for an extended weekend trip and visited Norwich. I really enjoyed my time there and I want to go back to explore more of Norfolk. I also want to go back to Great Yarmouth and enjoy a day at the beach.


Image by topsy_toby98 from Pixabay

Again, just as with Norfolk I only scratched the surface of Cornwall. I visited the Eden Project of course and a few little seaside towns and ate a Cornish Pasty, but there’s so much more that I want to do and see of Cornwall.

NC 500

The NC 500 is supposed to be the most scenic route in Scotland. I’ve seen it on a TV show and read about it a few times and this route just looks stunning. It would be a dream to drive all the way up to Scotland and do this route. The Scottish landscape is just so majestic and breathtaking. I’m sure it looks a thousand times better in real live than on TV or in pictures.


Image by Ji-yeon Yun from Pixabay

I had Afternoon Tea before, but I would really love to have Afternoon Tea in an old manor hotel or possibly in the Savoy, one of these fancy hotels. I think that would be a lovely experience and a real treat. I just love the idea of being in a nice setting, having lots of time and enjoying some treats with friends.


I really, really want to go to a country show! This is top on my list. I want to see the different farm animals, the biggest and best pumpkin, the best trained sheep dogs and just have a fun day out and get a country life experience.

Let me know if you have any UK sightseeing tips and tricks, anything that you think is totally worth doing and seeing.

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2 thoughts on “MY UK BUCKET LIST

    1. Thanks, Cornwall is so scenic and beautiful. I only visited for a few days as it is a very popular destination and expensive. Therefore, if you ever go I would recommend to book in advance and off season. One night can set you back easily £150 or even more.


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