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For today’s post, I thought I’ll share with you what my perfect holiday looks like or perhaps where I would like to be and what I would like to do right now.

I found myself going through old holiday pics and started daydreaming about all the amazing trips I had, what I did and what I would like to do in the future going forward as well.

I guess it would be a mix of all the best parts of my past trips put into a single trip. It’s one of these fun sort of games where you picture your perfect trip in your mind and then sit down, write everything down to make it come true.

What my perfect holiday looks like right now

At the moment I always take one long annual holiday, meaning two weeks. That’s already half of my holiday allowance gone. Sometimes I wish my holidays would be a bit longer, but then again I often look forward to getting back home towards the end of the two weeks. So, right now two weeks is a decent length to fit a lot in.

I like to travel to warm and sunny destinations and I always travel off season to avoid the crowds and of course the inflated prices. This means I can see more for less. On my radar of places I want to travel to are the US again as well as Asia. You can find out about my bucket list countries here.

Right now I feel like visiting the US again though as I can combine many of the activities and things that I love doing while on holiday in this country. Those are sightseeing, exploring nature, eating plenty of tasty food, visiting theme parks and taking a cruise.

I would split my two week into half. I like to explore a city and neighbouring towns for about one week and then take a cruise, preferably to the Caribbean from the US, the other week to relax, recover and recharge.

When visiting the US, I always dedicate one day to visiting a theme park such as Six Flags Over Texas and one day for some nature and outdoors exploration if possible. The other five days are for sightseeing.

I’m a very active person on holidays. I always have a prepared list with the things I want to do and the sights I want to visit. I do a lot of research in advance before my holidays to be able to schedule my time effectively so I don’t have to give up on anything. That I’m really able to see everything I want to.

Therefore, the first week is full on. I get up early everyday, walk around all day long and pass out around 9 or 10 pm at night, sometime even earlier. I always opt for a hotel that has breakfast included and is in a reasonable central location close to some of the sights I want to visit. I like grabbing lunch and dinner on the go or eat in some local restaurant that I found online through recommendations on for instance Tripadvisor.

The hotel I stay in also needs to include a swimming pool. That’s always a top priority for me as I love swimming, being in the water and reading a book or magazine by the pool.

If I’m out and about all day long, a decent Motel 6 or Best Western will suffice. The hotel needs to be clean, in a good location, have a pool and serve breakfast. I do like staying in more premium hotels from time to time, but they would serve a different purpose such as pampering or getting a different holiday experience. If my mind is set on sightseeing, I will not spend a great deal in my hotel room.

After the sightseeing week I’m normally knackered, literally. I walk around in this one week as much as I do in one month I would say. Therefore, I need time to get my energy back before I have to go back for work and I like doing that during a cruise.

For me it’s the perfect way to incorporate some sightseeing, but still find that time to do nothing. I like a cruise with a mix of port and sea days to sleep in a few times, enjoy my time on the ship and make use of all the great amenities, but also see a bit of the Caribbean for example, explore the ports such as Mahogany Bay or Cozumel and the crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches.

I normally fly back home on the day of disembarkation either at night or in the afternoon. I always get a bit sad on the last day of my holiday as I have to come of the cruise ship, I have to go back home and I know that I have to go to work the following day. Wouldn’t these make anybody sad?

To stop myself from thinking about all these depressing things I incorporate some sightseeing before my flight back home. I get of the ship as soon as possible, find a luggage locker in the city and do some sightseeing until the very last minute. I have done this for the past few trips and just love it. I’m making the most of my time, I get to see a bit more and I feel happy until I land back home.

If I would summarise this, you could say I like a well balanced holiday. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. I need to get my cultural and foody fix, I need to have fun and my inner child needs to be satisfied by going to a theme or perhaps even waterpark and I need to be able to recharge, sleep in for a few days and unwind while on a cruise.

For me, this is what my perfect holiday looks like and included. For me, this would be and is heaven!

What does your perfect holiday look like? What would you do and where would you go?

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    1. That sounds great. I never really travelled by train tbh. Of course I took trains here in the UK and Germany, but I never travelled from one city to the next by train abroad. It’s always bus for me. I need to put that one my list!


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