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Singapore is one of my favourite travel destinations. I had such a fantastic holiday experience, the country has so much to offer and I guess one of the contributing factors to this was the food.

The food is superb in Singapore, full of variety and the hawker centres are the best places to dine at to get an authentic experience and to try many of the popular dishes.

Also, they are really affordable places to dine out and I often found that it was actually cheaper to eat at a hawker centre or food court than to buy something from the supermarket such as a ready made sandwich or sushi.

I tried a few different dishes and foods that I never had before and wouldn’t have dared to try here in the UK. I can honestly say the food in Singapore is one of the best I ever had. Every single dish was yummy.

Where can one find these hawker centres and food courts? Read on to find out. In this post I’m sharing with you the once that I visited and ate at.

4 Hawker centres and food courts to dine at in Singapore


This was the first hawker centre I visited and it was also the best I ate at. It’s within walking distance, just 5 min walk away form the Village Hotel Changi, the airport hotel.

This is one of those local hawker centres that is absolutely packed at night with locals finishing work and going for dinner afterwards. Not many tourists necessarily go there as the hotel has lots of restaurant options, which is sad as they absolutely miss out. There’re so many stalls offering different foods and drinks at night.

I opted for Wanton Noddles on our first night in Singapore and they were so delicious. The best I had in fact. Some merchants don’t speak English very well as Singapore is a mix of cultures and people, but all the food stalls have pictures so you can see what you’re ordering.

We went for dinner and the next morning came back for breakfast. It’s less busy in the mornings, the majority of food stalls open for lunch and dinner so half of them were closed. However, some of them were open selling bakery goods. I bought some dough balls that were filled inside with peanut butter.

I can’t tell you how tasty they were. I am not joking, I am still dreaming about them and every time I visit a country in Asia I look around food markets and bakeries to see if I can find them again. No luck so far, but if I ever go back to Singapore I will go back for breakfast and dinner to Changi Village Hawker Centre.


The East Coast Lagoon Food Village is a hawker centre located towards the east of Singapore by the sea. It’s a bit further away from all the sights, but I ended up here after a really long walk in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve, which isn’t far away from this hawker centre. It’s a big open food court with many stalls that offer a variety of foods.

My partner chose different satays and I had Wanton Noodles once more as I enjoyed them a lot at the Changi Village Hawker Centre. They were alright, but sadly not as tasty as the previous once. How dishes are prepared and the ingredients used can vary from hawker centre to hawker centre and even from food stall to food stall within the same hawker centre.

As always, look out for the long queues as they’re always a good indication that one stall is very popular and that the food is good. Another tip is to just watch on the side and see how food is prepared, what some dishes look like and what they come with.

As it was really hot the day we ate there and just came from a really long walk, my partner and I both opted for fresh lime juice, which is a popular and really refreshing drink in Singapore.

Again, lunch time isn’t as busy as dinner time so there were plenty of seats available, many of them with sun umbrellas that offered some welcoming shade.


Lau Pa Sat is one of those modern hawker centres located in the banking district of Singapore and within walking distance of Marina Bay. Therefore, it’s easily accessible.

This hawker centre was very clean and a bit more let’s say organised, more like a food court that you can find in shopping centres.

All the other hawker centres I ate at were clean, too. But they had that sort of market feeling. They felt a bit more authentic and more local.

I enjoyed eating at this hawker centre a lot though as they had Bao Buns, also known as Chinese steamed buns.

If you like eating those you must come to Lau Pa Sat. I couldn’t find these in any of the other hawker centres I visited, they were yummy and they were so cheap. I only had two and was stuffed afterwards.


The Marina Bay Sands has a shopping mall on the basement of the hotel. Here you can find many shops and restaurants as well as a food court.

The food court is like any other food court really, nothing special about it. However, it offers plenty of choice and lots of dishes from different cuisines such as Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Western, Vegetarian and many more.

The location is of course very convenient and many tourists come here for a bite as well as locals. We grabbed some food here just before the daily light show that takes places in front of the Marina Bay Sands.


I also ate in one of the food courts in a shopping mall located on Orchid Road and had some sting ray and ramen noodles there. The experience was similar to the one in the food court in Marina Bay Sands.

Another place I ate at was located close to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum. This hawker centre was very odd though as it was located in what looked like a block of flats. It had several levels and was just concrete inside.

There’re so many food courts and hawker centres scattered across Singapore and they’re the best places I would say to get a taste of the local cuisine and a taste of Singapore.

The food is superb, delicious and there’re so many dishes to try out.

What is your favourite Asian food?

If you’ve been to Singapore, where did you eat and what did you try?

Let me know in the comments!

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    1. I absolutely agree. Many people told me that food in Singapore is really expensive, but the hawker centres are so affordable and on top offer the best food. I don’t think I have ever eaten out so much while on holiday than in Singapore.


      1. Yep, totally 🙂 I think food is such an important part of a holiday experience, not just the sightseeing. That’s always something that I get really excited about and look forward to.


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