Hi my lovely readers!

All of us have their particular ways and views on how to plan and research for our holidays. I personally believe that nowadays the internet and very often fellow travellers, bloggers, youtubers and influencers are our best bet to get some ideas and insights on sightseeing ideas, what and where to eat to get a taste of local cuisine and of course where to stay.

When I plan my holidays, I often check out videos from youtubers to get some inspiration, ideas and verification as well. I also watch them to get excited about my holiday.

When it comes to booking my cruise, I watch Youtube cruise ship reviews and ship tours to get an idea of the amenities on board, get a feel of the ship and most importantly see if the ship is right for me. Does it have everything I am looking for? What does the interior look like? Is it an old, new or refurbished ship etc etc.

There are four youtubers that I particularly like. I watch their videos if they have one on the destination I am about to visit or cruise I am about to book.

Here are my go to youtubers for travel inspiration and ideas.

1. Reformatt Show

Reformatt Show’s host is Matt, a dutch guy living in Canada. He has really great tips on where to eat, what the local cuisine has to offer as well as sightseeing activities of course.

He sometimes looks for really weird and quirky things to do and eat such as eating in one of these cute themed restaurants in Taipei, which by the way I have visited as a result of seeing it on his Youtube channel. And it was totally worth it! Well, my partner was a bit embarrassed as he was surrounded by weird Asian bear characters.

Matt has loads of energy and his videos are not just informative, but also really entertaining.

Youtube: Reformatt Show

2. Samuel and Audrey – Travel and Food Videos

Samuel and Audrey are a Canadian couple travelling around the world and documenting their daily activities, food experiences and sightseeing. I came across them when looking for travel destinations in Europe.

Because of Samuel and Audrey, I visited Budapest, which I highly recommend. I never thought about Budapest at all never mind visiting the city, but after seeing their vlog I really wanted to go and booked my flight within a week.

They are really down to earth people, presenting everything to you as if they are your friends from next door talking about their holiday. You can get some great ideas from Samuel and Audrey on what and where to eat, too as they are foodies and always try out local cuisine.

Youtube: Samuel and Audrey – Travel and Food Videos

3. Tips For Travellers

Gary Bambridge is the man behind Tips for Travellers. He is well known in the cruise world, at least here in the UK and shares his reviews, pros and cons, tips and tricks and really anything cruise related on his Youtube channel.

He has been on many cruises and there is a good chance that he has been on a cruise ship that I want to go on. Hence, I will look up videos that are relevant to me before I make a decision on booking a cruise to make sure I book the right ship, right itinerary and get the best value for money.

His videos are informative and very helpful. He has been a cruiser for many years and goes on around 10 cruises each year. So he really knows his stuff.

Youtube: Tips For Travellers

4. Cruise with Ben & David

Ben and David are very interactive and fun to watch. Just like Gary Bambridge, they talk all things cruise. However, their videos are a bit more interactive and personal and they really do film nice ship tours.

They are one of my go to Youtubers to explore the ships and get an understanding of what they are like from the comfort of my home.

Youtube: Cruise with Ben & David



  1. Funny thing, I never go to YouTube when I’m looking for travel inspiration ☺️ I have a so long list of places that I want to see that I just go directly to booking ☺️
    But great tips! I guess I should start using YouTube more ☺️

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    1. I always like to get an idea of a place and especially where to eat and what to eat. I am a big fan of trying local cuisine and eating at least once in a local restaurant, bistro etc that is not located in a touristy area. So the first two bloggers always have great tips around food especially.


  2. wha…wha…. What about Andy’s World Journeys? I hear that’s an awesome channel hosted by a very handsome guy. He has loads of videos from different places and this year is exploring his hometown of Melbourne with his new series ‘Melbourne Revealed’. Definitely should check his channel out 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I was not able to go anywhere last year when I found your channel to get inspiration on my destination of choice! But I do want to go to Australia one day so I already know where to go for tips, inspiration etc 😉 You are my go to man for all things Australia Andy!


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