Hi my lovely readers!

2020 is almost over and I am certainly ready to welcome the new year!

For me, 2020 has been good in many ways personally, professionally and also in terms of blogging despite Covid and lockdowns.

I am generally a positive person and try to put a positive spin on everything as I believe life is too short to be grumpy, upset and sad all the time as I already told you about in Lockdown – A Glass Half Full Perspective.

Still, there were times when I did reach a low point especially during the first lockdown when I had to get used to staying away from people and spending more time by myself and indoors.

How did I overcome those dark times?

I focused on the positive, started to practice gratefulness and focused more on my hobbies and personal development. Additionally, I got all those annoying chores out of the way that I always postponed and never wanted to do, although I knew I would have to one day.

And most importantly I kept on telling myself that this situation is not forever and that it is what it is. I know I cannot make Covid go away like that and I have no control over it, but I can control how I deal and think about it.

Having a positive mindset and looking at the positive site of things really helped me and led to all the positive outcomes and experiences I had throughout 2020.

Here is what I have been up to during this year that made me happy and had a positive impact on my life:


  • Doubled my following
  • Almost tripled the amount of blog posts I publish now
  • Started to post consistently (every Tue, Thur and Su)
  • It got easier writing blog posts
  • Enjoy blogging more and more now
  • Feel like I am building a blogging community
  • Am faster writing blog posts
  • Started to use Canva


  • Started a new job
  • Have a job
  • Changed industries
  • Work from home
  • Learning and improving skills eg. Salesforce
  • Am going to start a Digital Marketing course
  • Love working with my colleagues at work
  • Have and am reporting to a great manager


  • Started to listen to Podcasts about productivity
  • Learned Yoga and am more active in general
  • Saving money
  • Was able to see my family once in 2020
  • Have more time for myself
  • Am cooking and baking more
  • Reading more books, blog posts and magazines
  • Am going for daily walks
  • Improved on my photography skills
  • First pub visit after lockdown felt awesome
  • Started to value and appreciate nature more
  • Started to practice gratefulness
  • My family and friends managed to stay healthy during this year
  • New shopping attitude – need less
  • Taking better care of my skin
  • Taking up hobbies again such as crafting


  • Day trip around Dorset
  • First car trip to Berlin (took almost 24 hours!!!)
  • Long weekend in the Ilse of Wright
  • Day trips to view houses and flats in little villages
  • Discovering my neighborhood
  • Long walks in National Park and English Heritage sites

For next year, I want to go strong just like I did this year. Therefore, watch this space for more blog posts!

2 thoughts on “LOOKING BACK AT THE YEAR 2020

    1. How did you celebrate into the new year Andy? Are you feeling more optimistic now since the first week of 2021 is over? Stay strong, there is always light at the end of the tunnel!


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