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The Sapphire Princess has several pool areas, which I thought was great.

There are two main pools where you will often find the kids and some smaller pools towards the aft of the ship and of course in the Lotus Spa and Sanctuary.

There are also some hot tubs scattered across the ship and not just in one area, which is a bonus.

So, let’s explore!


Calypso Reef & Pool

In the middle of the ship, on deck 14 – Lido , you can find the Calypso Reef & Pool. This pool is covered and can therefore be enjoyed in cooler weather, too.

This pool was very popular with families. You can play table tennis here and it is just next to the Horizon Court. Food and drinks are therefore not far away at all. Bonus, you have some hot tubs here as well.

From the second level, deck 15 – Sun, you can access the outside and get some fresh air if you fancy or just want to admire the sea.

Neptune’s Reef & Pool

The other big pool, which is outside and features the big screen for Movies under the Stars is Neptune’s Reef & Pool, located on deck 14 – Lido, too.

You have plenty of sun loungers here, are next to some eateries and bars like Trident Grill, which makes this a perfect location to chill and relax when the weather plays along.

This pool area was also used for an evening show. There is some extra space at one side of the pool next to the whale statue that can be used and transformed into a stage. We watched a magician performance on this deck, which was really cool. I never experienced a show outside on a pool deck and just next to a pool and water.

Splash Pools and Oasis Hot Tubs – Terrace Pools

On the aft of the ship, you can find the Splash Pools and Oasis Hot Tubs. These pools tend to be smaller than the Neptune’s and Calypso Reef & Pools. They are not really for swimming, but more for taking a quick dip and cooling down.

The views are of course amazing from here as you are looking directly to the sea. These pools were more popular with adults as the kids and families used to stay around the bigger pools.


The Lotus Spa has the sauna, fitness center, spa and also a pool.

If you are seeking some tranquility, this pool is for you as kids are not allowed in the spa area. The sun loungers around the spa pool are covered and provide some shielding from the sun. This area is perfect for anyone who needs some peace and quiet time and needs to get out of the sun.

There is a sauna for man and women, so you do not have to mix. The sauna can be accessed through the changing rooms and is a standard size as you will find in most fitness studios. Unfortunately, it does not offer a view as it is located inside the changing rooms.

I cannot report on the spa as I have not used it. Still, overall the Lotus Spa looks very inviting and gives you this zen like feeling as it Asian inspired.


And last but not least we have the Sanctuary, an exclusive adults-only area on the ship.

The Sanctuary is supposed to be this private and secluded space that offers an escape and getaway from the hustle and bustle of the ship. A tranquil outdoor area to relax and rejuvenate.

It is not included in the cruise fare, but anyone can use it if they pay for it. Half-day passes cost currently $20 per person and anyone booking an outdoor massage can use it for one hour after their treatment, too.

The Sanctuary is fitted with comfy plush sun loungers and other outdoor furniture such as deluxe chaise lounges and chairs and also double loungers for couples. The palm trees and greenery add to the relaxing atmosphere in this area.

There are also stewards around, who can offer you refreshments and light meals if you wish, some of which are specially created for the Sanctuary.

I did not buy a pass, but the friendly stewards around the Sanctuary allowed me to go inside for a quick peak and it did not look very inviting and calm.

In case you missed:

Where would you spend most of your time?


    1. I know, right? It is great when you have some choice and an indoor pool is always a plus. Sometimes they have retractable roofs so when you get to warmer weather eg. Caribbean, they can open the pool up as well.


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