Hi my lovely readers!

Carnival is famous for their towel animals that brighten up your day and put a smile on your face. I am sure other cruise lines make them as well, but I have mostly seen them on Carnival ships.

I remember the first towel animal I saw during my first cruise. I thought that was such a lovely thought and it totally made my day. I was always curious and looking forward to the next day to find out what new towel animal the room stewards would prepare.

I have sailed with Carnival a few times now, but I still attend their towel folding classes on every single sailing as I just love making those towel animals.

In this first post on a Step By Step Guide to Making A Towel Animal we are going to take a look at how to make a towel dog.

This is one of the towel animals that you normally learn to make when you attend a towel folding class on board as it is relatively easy to make.

All you need are two hand towels of the same size and you are good to go.


Lay one of the towels out flat in front of you (step 1) and roll one side of the towel to the middle from the shorter end (step 2) and do the same with the other side (step 3).

Flip the towel over so the crease is facing downwards (step 4).

Fold the towel in half again so half the crease is facing downwards and the other half is on the top (step 5).

Slightly pull out the little tips of the towel, of the four little roles you created (step 6 and 7) to make the “paws” and give the legs some shape.

With your left hand grab the two tips on the left and with your right hand grab the two tips on the right and pull them gently apart (step 8 and 9).

Congratulations, you have created the body of your towel dog (step 10) where the head will be placed on later.


To create the head of your towel dog, lay out your second towel flat on the floor just like you layed out your first towel (step 1) and fold in half the long way (step 2).

Put one finger in the middle of the towel on the top and grab the left corner of the top layer of the towel and fold it so it resembles some sort of triangle (step 3). Do the same with the other side (step 4).

Now, fold the tip of the top under the towel (step 5). That will later become your dog’s snout.

Fold the corners or tips of your triangles towards the middle of your crease (step 5 and 6) and roll the sides up to the middle (step 8 and 9). You are almost there.

Turn your dog’s head around (step 10) and form the nose and ears to what ever shape you like the most (step 11). Give your little doggy some character.

All that is left is to place your dog’s head on its body (step 12) and admire the work you have done and be proud of your creation.

Here is the first towel animal I ever created during my first cruise. My dog was a cool top dog 😉

What are your thoughts on Towel Animals? Will you try creating a towel dog? Let me know how your creation turned out!


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