Hi my lovely readers!

2020 is approaching its end. I do not know about you, but although this year was different, it still passed really quickly, too quickly if you ask me.

Time always seems to be short at hand and although I had a bit more of it this year, I did not have to travel to work and back, it still flu by like a flash.

Time is precious and I think we all realised this more than ever this year. We always say “I will do that later” or “In two years, when I have achieved xyz I am going to see and visit xyz.”

“Time flies. It’s up to you to be the navigator.”

Robert Orben

Why later? Why not now?

We are the makers of our own life and we should always make the most of it. There might not be a next year or later as we sadly have experienced this year.

So, take some action and be the navigator of your life!

Happy Thursday!


    1. Really? I always feel like I have not got enough time, even during Covid. The election…, do not get me started on that! 😉 So glad it is over now and they finally have a winner. I was checking my phone like every 5 min since Tuesday.


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