Hi my lovely readers!

I am one of those people that pair everything according to the time of year.

In the summer I will wear lots of tropical prints, my earrings will feature seashells, my go to perfume or body mist will be something like fruity watermelon and my shower gel will include coconut.

And the same goes for the colder days. Especially around this time of year, warm and comforting smells are important to me in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom when I take some me-time and pamper myself.

I recently discoverd this amazing Vanilla Pumpkin shower gel and body butter from The Body Shop. It is like Autumn and Christmas together in a tub and bottle. It smells so delicious, I would eat it if I could!

The Vanilla Pumpkin range is one of their seasonal editions for 2020, so it is limited. When it is gone, it is gone. Hmm, I might have to go back and buy some more …

It is infused with vanilla from Madagascar, pumpkin fragrance and has a hint of hazelnut as well as maple syrup.

The packaging is inspired by the Day of the Dead, also known as Dia de los Muertos. A holiday celebrated in South America where people get together to remember and pray for family and friends that have passed away, helping them in their spiritual journey to the other side.

The shower gel and body butter are nourishing. Especially the body butter is rich and perfect for dry skin as it is enriched with shea butter, babassu oil and sesame seed oil all from Community Fair Trade. Your skin will be super soft afterwards, smoother and smelling gorgeous.

The shower gels costs £5,50 and the body butter £16,00. Both items are for vegetarians and the Body Shop is also against animal testing and uses natural ingredients.

It is a lovely scented creation for this time of year that I absolutely love and use every time I take a shower and go for a bath. It makes me feel pampered, cozy, content and just puts a smile on my face every time I smell it.

What are your seasonal scents that you absolutely love?


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