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In the last ship tour post of the Sapphire Princess, we explored the restaurants and eateries on board to see where one can eat, what sorts of meals, snacks and eating venues are included in the cruise fare and which are at an additional cost.

Today, I want to focus on the bars, clubs and entertainment venues.

These venues were super popular during my cruise as the weather was a bit chilly, hence everyone was drawn to the inside and many people spend time indoors to participate in lots of fun and interactive activities offered on board.


There are several bars located throughout the ship and on different decks. Some can be found by the atrium where one can sit while listening to a piano performance and others are close to the pools where one can grab a drink while taking in the sun.

Crooners Bar

During my cruise, this was a popular venue with guests especially for pre dinner drinks. You can order here all the famous and well known cocktails such as martinis, mixers, daiquiris, margaritas, coladas and the list goes on. But if you fancy, you can always order a good old fashioned whisky. There is seating around the bar and by the windows.

  • Location: Deck 7 – Promenade, Midship
  • Opening Time: 9 am until late

Vines Bar

Vines is the wine bar on board the Sapphire Princess that offers a wide collection of different assorted wines. Wine tastings and a selection of wines by the glass can be purchased at an additional cost. Guests will receive complimentary antipasti and tapas with any wine purchase.

  • Location: Deck 5 – Plaza, Midship
  • Opening Time: 11 am until late

The Piazza

The Piazza is in the heart of the ship, it is the atrium. Here you can find some seating to listen to talented singers, a calming piano performance or perhaps just want to sit down and enjoy a quick nibble or dessert from the International Café.

The Piazza feels very grant and light due to the use of lots of wood, lights, the white sort of marble looking floor and the big glass panels. From here you have several restaurants, bars, shops and the reception close by and in easy reach.

  • Location: Deck 5 – Plaza, Midship

Tradewinds, Mermaid’s Tail, Calypso, Outriggers and Oasis Bar

All those bars are typically located around the pool areas so guests are not far away from getting their favourite drink while taking in the sun and sea views. The bars have a good selection of drinks. There are loads of different spirits on offer for those mixers and yummy summer cocktails.

Tradewinds, Mermaid’s Tail and Calypso Bar are around the two main pools, whereas Outrigger and Oasis Bar are located towards the aft of the ship where you can find the Splash Pools and Hot Tubs.

Tradewinds Bar is located next to Neptune’s Reef & Pool, the open pool on deck 15. From here guest have a great view of the pool, the Movies Under The Stars Screen and of course can easily get to the pool.

  • Location: Deck 15 – Sun, Midship
  • Opening Time: 10 am to 7 pm

Just underneath Tradewinds Bar, one deck below is The Mermaid’s Tail Bar. Its location is pretty handy as it is literally next to Neptune’s Reef & Pool and nestled between Prego Pizzeria and the Trident Grill. You can grab a bite and a drink at the same time and enjoy yourself on the lido deck.

  • Location: Deck 14 – Lido, Midship
  • Opening Time: 10 am to 11 pm

On the same deck, but on the other side is Calypso Bar. Here you are by the Calypso Reef & Pool, the covered pool and within reach of Horizon Court, just in case you get a bit hungry. Horizon Court is literally to the left of this picture. Therefore, it is in a really central location.

  • Location: Deck 14 – Lido, Midship
  • Opening Time: 6 am to Midnight

Coming to the aft of the ship, there are several smaller pools, I call them terrace pools and some hot tubs. From the back you have amazing views. You lay down or sit, whatever you prefer and you can see the whole ocean.

You have two bars here. On the same deck as the hot tubs you can find the Oasis Bar.

  • Location: Deck 16 – Sports, Aft
  • Opening Time: 11 am to 6 pm (weather permitting)

The other bar is called Outrigger Bar. I am sorry I do not have a better picture, but the bar is basically located just underneath the stairs and one of the Splash Pools.

The pools, hot tubs and bars at the aft of the ship are all connected through the stairs you can see in the picture. So you can move between them easily.

  • Location: Deck 14 – Lido, Aft
  • Opening Time: 10 am to 11 pm



Churchill’s is the smoking and cigar lounge. I am not a smoker so did not spend a lot of time in this lounge, due to the smell and smoke of course, but I found the interior very tasteful, cozy and inviting. There are also cigars for sale in Churchill’s if you forgot yours at home or simply want to try something different.

  • Location: Deck 6 – Fiesta, Forward
  • Opening Time: 10 am until late


The Wheelhouse Bar was my favourite lounge on board. It was very spacious and I love this sort of interior. Dark varnished wooden walls, old lamps that you find in Manor houses and libraries, comfy armchairs and a maritime theme. These rooms always feel warm and inviting. What is not to love? I came here very often to read and have a drink.

During the day you can see people playing games, chatting, reading a book and just chilling in the Wheelhouse Bar. At night people come here for pre and post dinner drinks and to dance a little.

  • Location: Deck 7 – Promenade, Forward
  • Opening Time: 9:30 am until late

Explorer’s Lounge

The Explorers Lounge is an Egyptian themed lounge area where several events take place. Join a game of Trivia during the day or perhaps an Art Auction and come back at night for a comedy show and some dancing.

There is a bar as well so you never have to walk too far for your next drink, what ever that may be. Maybe a refreshing Mojito?

  • Location: Deck 7 – Promenade, Midship
  • Opening Time: 11 am until late


Skywalkers Nightclub

Skywalkers is the main and biggest nightclub and dancing venue on board the Sapphire Princess. The venue is fairly big and has a great neon dance floor. As it is high up on deck 15, you get excellent views from this venue.

Many people retreat to Skywalkers during the day to get away from the hustle and bustle of the ship and to enjoy the views. There is plenty of seating and it is one of the more quiet corners of the ship.

  • Location: Deck 17 – Sky, Aft
  • Opening Time: Look at the daily program – The Princess Patter, 10 pm until late for clubbing

Club Fusion and Wake View Bar

Club Fusion is a very popular and multipurpose venue. During my cruise several activities took place here such as the morning wake up/stretching classes, music courses and Bingo just to name a few.

At night it transforms into a bustling venue with lots of dancing, karaoke and live artist that get you on the dance floor and moving.

The staircase in the picture leads down to the Wake View Bar, a well hidden secret. I believe most people do not even know that there is a little bar below Club Fusion. A little tip, during the day it is totally empty. A perfect place if you want to be on your own without any interruptions.

  • Location: Deck 7 – Promenade, Aft
  • Opening Time: Look at the daily program – The Princess Patter, 10 pm until late for clubbing


Grand Casino

The Casino has a selection of gaming tables for games such as cards, roulette, blackjack and I guess other standard casino games. I am no gambler at all so cannot really tell you all the table games on offer, but there were plenty in my opinion.

Of course you find your slot machines as well for guests that prefer to try their luck on those. Bingo tickets are normally sold here as well for everyone who wants to try their luck on the timeless classic. Overall, it is a pretty standard casino.

  • Location: Deck 6 – Fiesta, Forward
  • Opening Time: 9 am until late

Movies Under The Stars

Movies Under The Stars is always a big hit on cruise ships. During the day the screens show some soothing images of landscapes or some tropical animals. I

In the early evening hours you could watch some concert recording from famous singers such as Lady Gaga or a Live UEFA Nations League game on that massive screen. This was very popular with football supporters.

At night movies were screened and guests could get comfy on sun loungers that would be prepared with some padding and blankets in case it would get a bit chilly. And do not forget the complimentary popcorn. You cannot watch a movie without popcorn!

  • Location: Deck 14 – Lido and deck 15 – Sun, Midship
  • Opening Time: Look at the daily program – The Princess Patter

Princess Theatre

Every night there is something going on in the Princess Theatre. There are always two showings, on my cruise the first one was at 8 pm and the second one at 10.15 pm.

Evening performances vary to keep guests entertained. They can be anything from Broadway style production shows, tributes to singers and actors to special guests. I had the pleasure to listen to Philip Browne the West End Star playing Mufassa in the Lion King in London. His voice is fantastic and he is such a lovely and funny man.

And during the day you might attend a Culinary Demonstration and Galley Tour, find yourself listening to an Enrichment Lecture to learn a thing or two or watch an afternoon movie. The venue is certainly not just for those amazing evening performances.

  • Location: Deck 6 – Fiesta and deck 7 – Promenade, Forward
  • Opening Time: Look at the daily program – The Princess Patter

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I hope you enjoyed the second part of the ship tour of the Sapphire Princess. Next time in part 3, we are going to look at the pools and spa. I cannot wait, my favourite areas!


    1. It really was. It is a classic looking ship and the different lounge and bar areas all had a different theme and feel, which I personally like.


    1. I miss being at sea and on a cruise ship, definitely. I always have a good time on board. A few cruise lines such as MSC are trying to lunch a few itineraries eg in the Mediterranean, but overall cruise lines are cancelling the rest of the 2020 itineraries and some of them even Q1 2021. If you are interested in following cruise updates, there are a few blogs I personally follow such as Tips for Travellers or CruiseMiss Cruise Blog just to name a few. And regarding the interview, thank you so much for considering me. Wow! I will have a look in my inbox right as I have not done so now and get back to you. Thanks Andy.


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