Hi my lovely readers!

I used to get small breakouts on my face almost every single week and especially around my nose and in the middle of my forehead right between my eyebrows.

When that happens, it still does but luckily not that often anymore, I look like a unicorn. But I do not look like those bright and elegant creatures you are used to from fairy tales.

Sounds familiar?

My skin is also on the dry site, especially during the summer months. I tend to get dry patches around my cheeks that look white and flaky and sometimes even on my forehead.

But no more! 2020 was the year I finally got the hang of my face skincare and I am never going back!

And you know what? There is no magic to it as I found out, only the use of some simple products, consistency, a little bit of time, like 5 min each day and good food.

Here is what I changed in my life to get my face under control.


I like to keep things simple as I am very lazy when it comes to face skincare. I do as little as possible with the most effect as I cannot stick with it otherwise.

For me, this means using a face wash, a cleanser and a moisturiser. That is it. I only use three products in the morning on my face to get rid of the dirt and dead skin cells.

I also use a face scrub twice a week instead of my face wash. But again, I still just use three products on that day.

I apply a night cream twice to three times a week mostly after I took a shower or bath. The night cream is more rich, which is great for my dry skin.

In total, I use four skincare products you could say, but only three on a daily basis.


Before Covid, I always used to rush to work and never made the time to invest in a skincare routine for my face. I have that time now as I am working from home.

One day I would do the whole thing like washing my face with a face wash, using a cleanser and moisturiser. The following day I would do nothing at all and the next day I would only put on some moisturiser if the skin on my face felt tight, but not bother using the face wash and so on.

I would wash my face in the mornings with water, but I would maybe only use a proper face wash twice or three times a week. I was very inconsistent.

Now, I am making sure I do my face skincare routine every single morning. For the past months, I have not missed it once and I can see such a huge improvement.

I do not get breakouts that often anymore and even when I do get a pimple on my face, it goes away faster.


I am making sure that I make time for my face skincare. It only takes about 5 min in the morning and everyone has got that time.

To be honest with you, I do not know why I never had the time before. 5 min is not a lot at all, but I guess I never made it a priority before to actually look after myself in the morning.

I am not a morning person and using the face wash, cleanser, moisturiser and so on in the morning always felt like a lot of work, it felt like taking a lot of my time and I also used to think that it felt like a chore.

But if you actually time yourself and use only a few products, you will see that it takes no time at all.


And last but not least food. You hear this so often and I am going to repeat it, but what you eat shows on your face. It is as simple as that.

If you eat lots of unhealthy fatty foods and a ton of sweets loaded with sugar, you are going to have more breakouts and skin issues.

I sometimes have days when I just crave chocolate, Haribo and biscuits. Basically anything sweet and full of sugar. And I will stuff myself with too much on those particular days.

However, two days later or so I turn into the unicorn and often get lots of little blackheads on my chin as well. Ultimately, I pay a price for indulging in too many sweets. Luckily my partner loves me the way I look 😉

You cannot be surprised to have bad skin if you are not fuelling your body with the good stuff. I have sweets every single day, but in moderation. This way my face stays in check.

Since I made time to look after myself, stuck to a very simple cleansing routine every single day and made sure I am not fuelling my body with crap, I started to see the results.

I have less breakouts, I have less dry patches in my face and my skin is looking less dull.

What are your skincare secrets for your face?


    1. Thanks for checking in Jenny. Yes, I get those as well. The nasty little once that always seem to be there! But better those little once than the huge one right between the eyes! 🙂 At least for me.


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