We all love travelling, but not all of us like to do or see the same things. We all have different preferences and different travel styles.

Take this quiz that I found for you by answer 10 questions to find out what type of holiday suits you best.

I took it myself and I am an Adventure Traveller! That is totally me. I like to be out and about, go for hikes during all seasons and I have been on an Expedition Cruise to Svalbard. Although, I am a hotel stayer through and through and cruiser.

What type of traveller are you?

1) How would you prefer to spend your afternoon?

A. Hiking or biking on a nature trail
B. Shopping for bargains
C. Strolling a garden in bloom
D. Attending a free concert or museum

2) Free drinks! Which drink are you most likely to choose?

A. House-specialty martini
B. Chateau d’Yquem sauterne
C. Champagne
D. Beer

3) Which of the below appeals the most to you?

A. Camping in the mountains under the stars
B. Deluxe suite at a 5-star resort
C. Hotel room with a fireplace and a big bathtub
D. Caribbean cruise

4) Which male celebrity would you like to spend a day with?

A. Richard Branson
B. George Clooney
C. Justin Timberlake
D. Channing Tatum

5) Which scent do you prefer?

A. Bonfire/thunderstorm
B. Sizzling steak
C. Rose garden
D. Clean laundry

6) What is your favourite season?

A. Spring
B. Winter
C. Fall
D. Summer

7) Which would you like to feel when barefoot?

A. Grass
B. Mosaic floor
C. Carpet
D. Sand

8) Whose music do you prefer?

A. U2
B. Puccini
C. Andrea Bocelli
D. Carrie Underwood

9) Which flowers do you like the most?

A. Wildflowers
B. Dendrobium orchids
C. Long-stemmed roses
D. Tulips

10) Which meal would you most likely select in a restaurant?

A. Sushi
B. Risotto with truffles
C. Oysters
D. Cheeseburger

SCORING THIS QUIZ – Add up how many As, Bs, Cs, and Ds you got.

  • If you got mostly As, you’re an Adventure Traveller
  • If you got mostly Bs, you’re a Luxury Traveller
  • If you got mostly Cs, you’re a Romantic Traveller
  • If you got mostly Ds, you’re a Budget Traveller

If you got an equal number for two different letters, read the profile description for both letters and see which suits you best.


Do you feel home outdoors and most alive when you are surrounded by nature? You flourish on experiences and are not to fussed when it gets a bit rough and comfort needs to be put aside to get the most out of your day?

Fresh air, warm sun raise on your face and breathtaking views is what you are craving. You dislike crowds and the hustle and bustle of the city. When you are lost and wandering around, preferably off the beaten track, you enjoy expanding your horizon as well as seeing and experiencing new places and things.

The Adventure Traveller often follows the seasons. You go skiing or snowboarding in the winter. In spring and autumn, hiking, cycling and kayaking are on the top of your list. And in the summer, water based activities are what you are most looking forward to such as surfing, boogie boarding, waterskiing or scuba diving.

Best Vacations for Adventure Travellers:

  • Mountain Vacations
  • Scuba Vacations
  • Water Sports Adventures
  • Nude Beaches and Resorts


You have high expectations and want the best of everything. Good value and unprecedented comfort with an exceptional service that is available whenever you want it is almost a must. You dine in high end restaurants and stay in top hotels.

Luxury Travellers prefer oceanfront rooms, suites and table service over garden view rooms, deluxe rooms and buffets. No matter where you are, a beautiful Caribbean island with endless white beaches or a glittering city, you always want to be where something is going on, you want to be where the action is.

Sometimes you organise trips on your own, but often you approach a top travel agent or tour operator to plan your luxury vacation for you. Especially when you are travelling to new and faraway places that you have not been to before.

Best Vacations for Luxury Travellers:

  • World’s Sexiest Resorts
  • Best of the Caribbean
  • Relais & Chateaux Inns


Just the two of us is your motto. You enjoy spending some good quality alone time with your partner. Rose petals on your bed and a big bathtub with enough space for two to soak in is what you like. A candlelight dinner followed by a walk along the beach or snuggling up by the fireplace sounds like the perfect end to your day.

Special occasions are important to you and need to be celebrated such as birthdays and anniversaries. And the best way to celebrate is to take a vacation together.

Best Vacations for Romantic Travellers:

  • All-Inclusives for Adults
  • Hotels with Big Bathtubs
  • Hawaii
  • Train Travel
  • Venice


You have lots of travel plans, you want to see the world, but you only have a bit of cash to spend. This is no problem for you though!

You are willing to compromise and sacrifice on luxury as long as you can travel. You opt for shared accommodation, choose to stay in AirBnBs instead of hotels and couch surfing does not bother you. You are not concerned sleeping in a hostel or even on a train, you see it as an adventure.

The Budget Traveller does lots of research before going away to look for the best deals, bargains and free things to do. You are smart about money and do not like wasting it. However, once in a while you splurge out on a few things that are really of value to you and worth spending a bit more on.

Best Vacations for Budget Travellers:

  • Weekend Getaways
  • Belize
  • Camping
  • Cruises
  • Las Vegas
  • State Fairs

Source: S. Breslow Sardone (2018) Quiz: What’s Your Travel Type? https://www.tripsavvy.com/travel-type-quiz-1863576 (Accessed: 02.05.2019)


    1. I always used to take these tests in magazines when I came across them and still do. They are just fun no matter what the outcome is. I guess we are never just one type fully so a mix of answers is expected I guess.


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