Going on holiday already makes me happy, but the right travel accessories can make a trip even more enjoyable.

I personally love travel accessories for so many reasons.

They are super handy, practical and help you to stay on top of your holiday plans as they keep you organised. Some are just so unique that you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

But the real reason why I love travel accessories is, they are really pretty and just make me happy, if I can find the right one for me. They can be really fashionable and stylish to suite your personality. The right travel accessory can be a mood booster and just put a smile on your face. 

Here are five of my favourite travel accessories that are stylish while being functional at the same time.

5 Stylish And Functional Travel Accessories


Your passport is most likely the most important item in your bag. If you lose your passport or if it gets damaged, you cannot travel. That would be the end of your holiday plans if you go abroad.

Therefore, it is important to protect your passport. And what better way to look after your passport than keeping it in a stylish passport cover that also makes you smile and feel good when you look at it?


I love my passport cover that I got last year for Christmas. I mostly go to warm weather destinations. Hence, I wanted something colourful and playful. 

The pink with the watermelon pattern is just perfect and totally reflects my personality. I always feel cheerful and happy when I look at it and just get a warm feeling inside. I cannot wait to use it for the first time.  

Also, as the cover is very bright, it is easy to spot in my carry on bag, which is always full and crammed with lots of items. Thus, it will save me a lot of time looking for it! 


The luggage tag is another one of these really handy and useful travel accessories that actually everyone should have.

Its primary function is to identify your luggage by airport staff in case it gets lost for some reason and to be able to retrieve it one way or another and send it back to you.


The other useful function is about identification and spotting. If you have a unique luggage tag, it makes your luggage stand out from all the other luggage on the luggage belt. You will be able to find your luggage easily, especially if your luggage looks the same as 20 of the other luggage.  Which is often the case for me for some reason.

I got the matching luggage tag for my passport, it was actually a travel set that I got.


When I go on holiday, I leave my big and heavy purse with all the store cards, cash and god knows what else are in the depths of my purse behind. I opt for a smaller travel wallet that fits in my small cross body bag that I always carry around during holiday. This safes space and weight.


This travel wallet is just bigger than a credit card and has space for four cards and there is a coin compartment for cash as well. 

It is small and functional, exactly what I am looking for.


I recently bought a travel journal to document my travels with a matching pen and pencil case. The travel journal is just the right size to fit in the pencil case, which means that I can have everything together in one place.

I wanted a travel journal for a long time to write about my travels and to be able to look back in a few years to see what amazing things I have done and where I have been.

Moreover, I want to write down what I have done every day so I can put more detailed blog posts together. It is easier to write about the things you have done and seen when you have some sort of record to go back to. Just in case you cannot recall properly. 


I write my posts when I am back from a trip or holiday. And if I am gone for more than a few days, it can be tricky to remember exactly why I really liked a particular sight for example. Or do you know that feeling when you cannot remember what you have done two days ago because your days are so packed and you are just seeing so much? That would be me.

Therefore, a travel journal will be very useful for me to document every single little thing. And a pretty and uplifting journal will give me joy to write in with the matching pen. I love stationary so to have everything matching will make me look forward to documenting my day every single day. 


Everyone has sunglasses and we all need covers to protect them from getting scratched, bend and damaged in one way or another.

So, why would you have a boring black sunglasses cover, if you could have a statement cover? Unless you are maybe going for a sophisticated look?


Again, anything bright and colourful is what I go for and there is so much choice and variety. There are hard covers and soft cover, like the one in the picture. 

I actually have a few different sunglasses covers as I like variety and like to match my accessories to where I am going. If I am going to the Caribbean, I would totally take the cover in the picture with me as it just screams Caribbean and Paradise to me.

Travel accessories are a great way to personalise your travels and put a bit of your personality out there. They will cheer you up, make you happy and put a smile on our face, besides being highly functional.

Do you care about stylish and personal travel accessories? 

What are your favourites?

5 Stylish And Functional Travel Accessories


  1. Love all your colourful accessories! A document wallet is an absolute must for me, as are luggage tags!

    I also recommend colourful combination locks for your bags – good for security and helps you spot your bag quickly on the luggage carousel! 😉


    1. I am glad you enjoyed reading this post, Andy. A pencil case is a must, right? You always need a pen to hand. And the pen will always come in handy when you have to complete those landing cards 🙂


    1. Thank you 🙂 The travel journal and writing set is from Wilkinson that I just bought recently. The sunglasses cover and travel wallet are from Accessorize. They are a bit older now, but of course they have new designs every year. And the passport cover and matching luggage tag is from Amazon. There are loads online. Paperchase is also a nice place for these accessories.


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