Hi my lovely readers!

We all want a break.

We all need a break.

We are all desperate to get away for a while and just leave our worries behind.

For many of us that means using our annual holiday to take a vacation abroad. Away from home in a different country, miles away from home if possible. Well, a neighbouring country will do as well. The point is many want to leave their home country.

I am reading lots of articles and posts on social media from people and I can see the same theme popping up over and over again: Should I book a holiday eg. cruise this year? Should I go abroad?

And the answer is: Only you will know.

Mayfield Lavender Farm - London

You need to decide for yourself. No one can really tell you what is right and what is wrong.

We all have different reasons for going abroad or staying at home such as health, uncertainty and the list goes on.

Here are the reasons why I am staying put this year, why I am opting for a staycation in 2020.


For me there is just too much happening at the moment. One week it is okay to travel to Spain, the next day it is not. You can book something and a few days before your trip new regulations can be put in place that can impact your holiday plans immensely.

I do not cope well with change in terms of holiday plans. I always have specific plans for my holiday. I want to see A, B and C and if that does not happen, I get upset and angry.  I go to places to see something and if I cannot, I might just stay at home.


Holiday is supposed to be that time of the year to enjoy ourselves to the fullest, to relax and gain fulfilment when we do sightseeing.

Right now, that is not the case for me. At the moment, I get nervous when people get too close to me, because they are relaxing too much.

Cornwall Coast

Also, plenty of sightseeing places are still closed, which means I cannot really do much. There are always hikes, but to be perfectly honest with you, I had enough of them. I have been on so many walks and hikes over the past months, which are great, but I want to see some buildings, I want to experience some culture again.

The other week I was looking for things to do in Nottingham and I found tons of exciting museums and so on. But they were all closed.


I would love to see my family in Germany as I have not seen them for over six months now. I miss them, but I am concerned infecting my parents and grandparents if I was to fly to Germany and visit them.

I do not have Corona Virus, however I am concerned catching it during a flight. If I had to fly back home, I would be sitting in a cramped plane with hundreds of people and if only on has the virus, there is a chance that I might get it and pass it on to my family.

I do not have the luxury of self isolating in Germany for two weeks to then spend some time with them. That is just not possible.

These are the main concerns I have, but the bottom line for me is that I do not feel comfortable travelling abroad right now. I am planning to have a few little trips here in the UK though as I feel more in control. There is still plenty to see and experience here, which I am super excited about and am looking forward to very much!

Again, staycation 2020 it is for me!

What about you? Are you holidaying abroad this year or does a staycation sound more tempting?



  1. I totally agree with you except for one point – changes. I’ve had things go awry on trips before and surprise! I end up doing something totally unplanned instead which was quite fun.
    On the other hand, changes can be bad. Who wants to go abroad then be told you have to quarantine for two weeks when you get home? Spain right now. Who can relax on a cruise ship or in a hotel knowing what we know now? I’m just hanging in there until things settle down. In the meantime hiking is still working for me. Thanks for a thought provoking post.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your view Geanie! Everyone reacts differently and some can be more open and just go with the flow. I am personally a checklist person 🙂 So if I cannot check of what I came for, it is just bad news for me. I guess if something derails my plans, but I can still do everything I came for, I would be okay with that. It would be like an added bonus, I guess. 🙂 I am going to schedule sweet and short weekend trips around the UK this year and that just works for me. Stay well.


  2. I agree. Why go if you can’t get the full experience? I also don’t want to get sick or bring a virus home. I’m actually on 2 weeks vacation right now from my full time job and am taking the time to focus on my new travel blog. There’s so much to learn! So many travel plans have been cancelled this year but I’m rolling with the changes and saving more money to hopefully have a better travel experience next year, including celebrating my 50th birthday on a cruise that was supposed to happen this year in October 😦


    1. Thanks for checking in Lona. I absolutely agree with you on the saving money part. I am putting some away as well and I actually want to buy a property next year if possible. In fact, not going on a big annual holiday this year works out well as I can put that money aside for a deposit. At least that is the plan 🙂 Using the time off to work on your blog is a great idea in my opinion. I am thinking about doing the same actually as I want to invest more time in my blog, too. Good luck on your blogging journey and a cruise for your 50th birthday sounds amazing!


  3. its a hard call i guess. its easy in australia, we can’t and international flights wont be back until at least early next year and thats best case scenario. tough on a lot of people, I know but better safe than sorry i guess and its not just health, its what if where you go gets locked down> or your home? then youre stuck

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    1. I see, but your country is so big so I guess there is plenty to do and see. I have never been to Australia, but would love to go one day! It is definitely on my list of places to visit. I am all for being safe than sorry and you can see that cases are rising again in Europe. Of course not as much and bad as before, but of course alarm bells always go off when you hear that in the news.


    1. I really do not like spending hundreds and hundreds of pounds for a mediocre holiday. In fact it would have the opposite effect on me if I was to go I believe. I would get stressed rather than calm down, relax and recharge if places are closed that I was planning to visit. And that is totally not the point of a holiday. There is plenty to see here in the UK and it is a beautiful country!


    1. Oh no, that is such a shame. I live in a flat so have no garden. Therefore, touring the neighbourhood was very important to me to be able and go outside, even for just one hour. Hang in there!


  4. Great post! I have no plans to go overseas this year, which is a first in many, many years. 😦

    I think it’s a personal decision, though. Most of my colleagues are currently overseas or heading away soon and I have no judgement against it. I just don’t feel it’s worth it for me yet – not just the risk of catching/spreading the virus but also getting stuck somewhere due to changing quarantine rules.

    I used to be a check-list person like you but now I am a bit more relaxed on my travels. However, the sorts of changes that may happen due to the pandemic are a step too far out of my comfort zone!

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    1. Yes, I absolutely agree with you. I am okay with friends etc going abroad for holiday. Everyone needs to decide for themselves what is best for them and what feels comfortable. But just like at home, we need to remember the social distancing measures. Lately you keep on hearing about Covid cases increasing again so yes, that makes me even less want to go abroad for holiday.

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