Welcome to the first ever Six Flags Theme Park, a true piece of amusement and theme park history – Six Flags over Texas!

Six Flags over Texas is located in Arlington, a 20 minute ride away from downtown Dallas and downtown Fort Worth. It was the nation’s first regional theme park and opened its doors to the public back in 1961.

This particular Six Flags park is known for offering and still holding record-breaker and  first-of-a-kind attractions. For example, the Runaway Mine Train was the world’s first tubular steel coaster and Shock Wave the first ever double – looping coaster. Now it sets another record for being the longest double – looping coaster still in operation in the world.

Shock Wave ride
Shock Wave


The park is the first in the Six Flags Chain and opened back in 1961. It was created by Angus G. Wynne, Jr., a Texas oil man. He visited Disneyland and got inspired. He wanted a park close to home and with an emphasise on thrill rides.

When the park first opened, there were six themed areas that were representing the six countries that were once ruling Texas: Spain, Mexico, France, Texas, the Old South and the United States of America.

Therefore, the theme of the park is very much related to the history of Texas. However, over the years the park expanded and new themes were added appealing to the next generation and kids: Bugs Bunny Boomtown, Boomtown, Gotham City and Tower Section.

Next year in 2021, Six Flags over Texas will celebrate 60 years and some of the rides are as old, or almost as old as the park itself.

Record breakers, world’s first, tallest, largest roller coaster achievements:

  • Texas SkyScreamer, the world’s tallest swing ride and one of the tallest structures in the Dallas-Fort Worth area
  • El Aserradero, the world’s very first log flume ride
  • New Texas Giant, the world’s tallest wooden roller coaster
  • Harley Quinn Spinsanity, the first ride of its kind, a gyroscopic thrill ride
  • El Diablo, the world’s largest loop coaster
  • Runaway Mine Train, the world’s first mine train coaster
  • Texas Cliffhanger, the world’s first free-fall attraction
  • Texas Chute Out, the world’s first modern parachute drop
  • Superman: Tower of Power, the tallest ride of its kind


If you are a thrill seeker, you will not be disappointed. The park offers around 20 thrill rides including some of the fastest, tallest and oldest rides in the US and the world.

This Six Flags Park is definitely not for the faint hearted.

Superman: Tower Of Power
Superman: Tower Of Power

I absolutely love thrill rides so this park was a dream for me. However, my partner and thrill rides do not go well together. He had to stay behind most of the day, took pictures of me and had to carry our backpack 🙂

The park offers lots of different thrill rides including loop coasters, bobsled, free fall tower, good old fashioned wooden coasters and mine trains and plenty of new innovations that twist, spin, turn and do all sorts of things to your tummy!

New Texas Giant
New Texas Giant


Although the park is mostly known for its innovative and record breaking thrill rides, there are plenty of rides that are for smaller visitors and families as well.

There is a mini mine train, water rides to cool you down, spinning tea cups and a carousel. And who is not too old to get on a carousel?

Silver Star Carousel
Silver Star Carousel

If you prefer to take it slow, you can always hop on the Railroad Train that takes you around the park. Relax and enjoy the scenery.

Or go on the observation tower that takes you up high for fantastic views of the park and the surrounding area.

There is something for everyone and sometimes it might be nice to also give your tummy a break from all this spinning and turning around.

Six Flags & Texas Railroad
Six Flags & Texas Railroad


Of course, there are several shows running throughout the day in Six Flags over Texas and plenty of them are cowboy and country themed.

We went into a saloon and watched a Cabaret show with saloon girls and cowboys. They were singing and performing music from the great western times. I felt like I stepped back in time. Miss Ruby’s Wild West Cabaret – At the Crazy Horse Saloon was certainly very entertaining.

The second show we watched was Texas Justice, Western Comedy Gunfight Show – At the Courthouse in the Texas Section. This show takes you back to the Wild West as you enjoy a gunfight show mixed with comedy.

The majority of shows are music related and there are few taking place in the Boomtown sections for little kids with the Looney Tunes.


I cannot comment much on the food as we brought our own food, we made some sandwiches as we were on a budget. I did buy some Dippin’ Dots ice cream though as a little tasty treat and too cool down.

The park has a ton of food outlets, restaurants, snack pavilions and so on scattered across the park. You will definitely find something if you are planning to eat in the park.

Of course, this park is in the US so the food options are more on the heavy side including burgers, pizza, BBQ, hot dogs, nachos etc. However, a few restaurants also offer healthier options such as salads for the health conscious.

  • Opening times: Open Daily from 11 am; closing times vary depending on the day and season, please check the website for complete opening times
  • Admission: One-Day Ticket $79,99 (price at point of writing this post)
  • For more information please visit:           https://www.sixflags.com/overtexas
  • How to get there: By car – 2201 Road to Six Flags, Arlington, TX 76011 (approximately 20 minutes from downtown Dallas and downtown Fort Worth); By Arlington Trolley – Free trolley type transportation between participating Entertainment District Hotels and popular attractions.


I had such a blast in Six Flags Over Texas. It is a great park for thrill ride seekers, but people that are scared of roller coasters might not enjoy their day as much as I did.

It was a great feeling and a bit emotional to go on historic rides and record breakers. This was where everything began, where the story of Six Flags began.

Six Flags Over Texas

What I noticed is that this park felt a bit more traditional and settled in terms of the theme of the park and the colour theme. And of course it makes sense as it is linked to the park’s history. However, it is a bit different from the other theme and amusement parks with their bright colours, happy music and so on.

Since I visited, more rides have been added to the park from what I saw and they just get better, faster, more daring and awesome. I am so jealous that I am not living close by to test them all.

Americans just know their stuff when it comes to theme parks!

Six Flags Over Texas



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