Are you a jewellery lover?

Are you looking for a more affordable way to own some new pieces that you can show of on holiday or pretty much any day?

Then look no further. Today, I want to show you one pair of earrings that I made myself. This pair is simple, easy and super quick to make. I swear they only cost a fraction of what you would spend in a shop and they look as gorgeous as shop bought once!

I am a jewellery person. I especially like earrings very much. I cannot leave the house without them, I simply feel incomplete and naked. I love having different once for different seasons, moods and occasions.

But buying new jewellery can get a bit pricey over time. Especially if you like purchasing new items for summer, for your holiday, for work, just because you like them …, well you get the idea.

If you are a bit crafty and invest in a few tools and beads, you can easily make your own jewellery for much less at home.

You can try to replicate items that you like or come up with your own and unique ideas and designs. It is totally up to you.


  • Long Ballwire Fish Hooks
  • Headpins
  • Wire Cutter or a pair of scissors
  • Pliers that have a bit of a round end
  • Assorted Beads

Things you need


The design I chose for these earrings is very easy and simple – a drop design. You have the small bead on the top and two medium sized beads are following.

I picked a small golden bead with a pattern, a round cream bead and a red glass bead.

earrings 3

If you wish you could do a small bead on the top, a medium bead in the middle and a big bead on the bottom.

You can mix it up with different colours, textures as well as shapes if you like. Leave your imagine run freely.


It is fairly easy and quick to make this pair of earrings. You might need to experiment a little and practice to get the loop shape that you like and are satisfied with, but seeing the end result is so worth it.

It always gives me pleasure and a sense of satisfaction when I complete a jewellery project.

Take a headpin and thread the first bead on it. I started with the bottom one, the red glass bead. The headpin has a flat side so the bead does not come of, at least this is mostly the case. Create a loop on the other side using the pliers. Try to make the loop small and as round and even as you can.

blog pic

The headpin length might be a bit to long, depending on the size of bead you are using. If this is the case, snip a bit of the end of and try to make a loop that you are satisfied with. Be careful not to cut too much of. Better start with a little and cut of more if needed.

blog pic 2

For the middle bead, in my case the cream bead, create a loop and thread the bead on it. Again, if required snip a bit of the headpin length of and create a loop on the other side, leaving a small opening.


Connect the open loop from your second bead with the closed loop on your first bead and close the opening with your pliers. Be gentle though. You do not want to squish your loop too much and lose the nice uniformity and shape you created. You will now have two connected beads. Repeat this process with the last bead.

At the end, connect your bead chains to the long ballwire fish hooks and you are all done. You just created a pair of earrings!


Let me know in the comment section what you think of my design and if you have any tips or tricks if you are into making your own jewellery or pretty much anything. I am always keen to learn or try out new things myself. 🙂

Drop earrings

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