Hi guys,

How is everyone doing?

I must say I am getting a bit frustrated these past days and bored, especially as I am supposed to be on holiday right now.

I am struggling being stuck in my flat, not being able to travel and explore. Also, I keep on thinking about what I could be doing right now on my cruise, which does not help.

What about you?

But that got me thinking about all my past cruises and holidays. I started digging out my old holiday snaps and went through them reminiscing in great memories.

“Happiness is a day at the beach.”

– Unknown

I was supposed to be in Hawaii, going from island to island and enjoying the sunshine and the beach.

I love the beach. Thinking back of past beach holidays, imagining I was back there, feeling the warm sand underneath my feet, that thought made me happy.

So for me a day at the beach, even just in my head, makes me happy.

Happy Thursday!

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