We are stuck at home with no where to go to spend money.

Pubs and restaurants are closed so we cannot meet friends for a drink and a catch up.

Shopping centres and clothes stores are shut, thus no temptation to buy another pair of shoes, dresses or more make – up and all that nonsense that we normally waste our money on, but do not actually need.

Tourist sights, parks, ice cream stands and souvenir shops, everything is closed.

We do not currently spend much money on petrol or diesel.

We do need spend money on our favourite vanilla latte from Starbucks that we normally would enjoy every second day on the way to work.

Use this opportunity now, if you can, to put all that money aside that you normally spend for your next big adventure or anything else that you are saving for.

In one month, you could save hundreds of pounds. Over a few months the savings could add up to a substantial amount and by the looks of it, we are going to be in lockdown for a little longer.

I am using this time to put money away for a house deposit and my next trip abroad.

What about you? What are you saving for?



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