Hi guys,

This is week three in lockdown now here in the UK and as I mentioned in my last post, my cruise got cancelled now. My annual holiday is over, cancelled, gone! 😦

Oh well, I am sad of course, but worse things are happening and just because I am not going this year *sniff* does not mean much. Because I can still go next year. Hawaii will still be there!

So, on a positive note this is something to look forward to again!

I found today’s quote rather fitting as we are all stuck, or should be, inside. I am living in a flat with no garden. Therefore, I am really spending all of my time indoors now.

This can be a little depressing sometimes, but when I go out, even if it is just to take the rubbish, my spirits lift up, because:

“Sunshine is the best medicine”

– Unknown

It is so true, no?

It also has been when I went on holiday and it always has been when I stayed at home.

I am more energised when the sun is out, I get more done and I am happy.

More than ever do we need to find these positive little moments that make us smile.

Happy Thursday!


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