Hi guys,

The coronavirus, also known as COVID – 19 keeps us all on our toes at the moment and the travel industry, especially the cruise industry, is often sadly making the headlines.

But, I still believe we should not give up travelling. For me at least, going on holiday is one of the highlights of my year.

Escaping routine, learning newΒ  things, relaxing and not having to worry about anything (normally). Basically escaping everyday life!

Of course, there are certain countries and regions that I personally would avoid for now. However, not all countries and regions are blacklisted and there is always domestic travel if you are currently not feeling comfortable leaving your own country.

Remember, there are plenty of great sights close to home that are waiting to be discovered.

COVID – 19 is another form of coronavirus that can cause harm to both humans and animals. Coronaviruses can cause respiratory infections from a common cold to more serious infections such as SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome).

So, what makes this COVID – 19 different from the other types of coronaviruses that we experience almost every year, or have experienced in the past?

COVID – 19 is a new form of coronavirus that has not previously been identified. Also, it seems to spread more easily and seems harder to contain than other forms of coronaviruses that made the headlines in the past such as SARS.

According to the WHO (2020), COVID – 19 can be seriously harmful to the elderly as well as people with pre – existing medical conditions, for instance high blood pressure, heart disease, lung disease, cancer or diabetes.

On the other hand, the virus may cause mild infections for children and young adults. Around 1 in every 5 people who get the virus need hospital care. Still, this does not mean that the virus is detrimental for everyone.

What are your thoughts on this?

Have you booked a holiday and are thinking about cancelling it or are you still planning on going?



World Health Organisation (2020) Q&A. Available at: (Accessed: 08.03.2020)


  1. I’ve not got anything booked but was really hoping to visit family in Australia within the next few months. However, with the situation changing daily, I’m not sure whether or not to go ahead. My concern is less about getting the virus and more about being quarantined somewhere by myself. Going to wait and see what happens over the next couple of weeks before making my decision!

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    1. I hope everything will work out for you. It was just announced over the past days that most cruise lines have suspended their operations for at least 30 days or more for now. If this continuous, my annual holiday will be cancelled… 😦

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      1. That is a bummer! Going home to Germany for Easter is not an option anymore. neither by the looks of it. The borders are closed and only essential travel is allowed. And my US holiday is going to be cancelled very likely as well 😦 But the majority of travel companies allow you to cancel, rebook or give voucher or credits for future bookings. So at last I am not really losing the money. But also here in UK they started to close some public facilities. English Heritage and National Trust are going to close all the houses and cafes, but at least the gardens will stay open.

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  2. My opinion is that for now everyone should stay at home! Different countries have different healthcare system that maybe cannot cope with the virus and it will be difficult if they have increase cases from travellers…
    Furthermore most countries went in lockdown not allowing any travellers to pass by…
    I suggest for now the safest thing to do is just stay at home and stay safe! 😊🌸

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    1. Yes, I agree now. I think the government here in the UK has played the virus down at the beginning. I mean life was normal for us until almost last week and from one day to another everything changed. And cases went up so much in the last days. It really got out of hand and as you mentioned countries are in lockdown now and tourism companies closed. So travelling is not an option at the moment anyways. Although I read that the US is thinking about opening up the country again. I guess we just have to wait and see.


  3. We were going to the mountains (US) for my husband’s birthday and have postponed our trip. Some states in the US don’t want travelers from another state crossing their borders. Stay home and stay safe. This won’t last forever.

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    1. Hi Eugina, thank you so much for your comment and I am sorry that your holiday also had to be postponed. I was supposed to travel to the US net week, but we had to cancel. It is understandable now that we can see the full scale of this virus that travel restrictions are in place. I believe the UK and US governments have not reacted in time and did not really understand how serious this virus is. But of course it started to spread rather quickly in the end. Stay safe!

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  4. I have no desire to travel anywhere else this year tbh, mainly due to C19 still being very much at large, despite easing of restrictions in some parts of the world, and also the fact that I doubt I’d enjoy the experience with all the rules and anxieties we’re operating in (social distancing, face coverings, excessive hand washing and sanitisation of things we touch etc… ) I’m mostly an autumn/winter sun seeker so maybe later next year, depending on how things are.

    …but I know there are people who haven’t been away for a long time and feel a they really need to get away, especially after a long lock down – I just hope they can stay safe and enjoy it πŸ πŸ–

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