Hi all,

I turned 30 last year so I thought it was fun to share 30 travel related and inspired  activities and ideas I had the chance to experience while on this planet so far.

Maybe some of them are for you as well? 🙂

Here it goes:

1. Kayaking

2. Water tubing 

3. Visiting the Tower of London – One of the most known touristy sights in London, protecting the British Crown Jewels.

4. Travelling in business class – A very comfortable way for long haul travelling.

5. Staying in an airport lounge – Yeah, space and free booze and food!

6. Going on a cruise – If you have not, just do it and give it a go. You will love it!

7. Surfing on a cruise ship – Royal Caribbean Flow Rider.

8. Polar plunge! – Brr cold, but totally worth it.

9. Parasailing – Feel free and see the area from a completely different perspective.


10. Staying in a hotel with an infinity pool on the 50th floor

11. Attend a tea master class – What a random thing to do, but great fun and also very educational.

12. Go on an expedition cruise – You will see remote places that you normally would not go or even get to on your own. A unique lifetime experience.

13. Hiking up a mountain or trail – Catch the great scenery and just feel at peace.

14. Rock Climbing at sea

15. Doing the Titanic pose on board 🙂

16. Learning a new language – Try to communicate with the locals. They will appreciate the effort.

17. Visiting Disney World – Are we not all kids at heart?


18. Watching a Broadway Show

19. Booking a spa break

20. Staying in an all inclusive luxury resort – Get spoiled!

21. Visiting a friend from abroad – Do some sightseeing with them and get to see the country from a whole different perspective. I visited my friend in Thailand and saw the country from the eyes of a local. My best experience; going to the movies to watch a Thai romance drama and being the only foreigner. They turned on the subtitles just for me.

22. Snowboarding

23. Go on a really high and scary Ferris wheel or cable car – I can recommend Yokohama and Hong Kong. The view was amazing, but I was too scared to enjoy it. Makes for a great memory though.

24. Visiting the Houston Space Center – Get inspired by space and see where history was made.

25. One time get lost in the city and just wander around – You will find little gems and come across sights and places that are unique and often unknown to tourists.

26. Eating local food – Always, always try the local cuisine. It might sometimes not smell or look appealing, but you will never know how it taste if you do not try!


27.  Travelling solo – Go away, even for a weekend on your own. It will feel daunting at first, but liberating.

28. Go on a roller coaster on the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas – Can your nerves handle it? 🙂

29. Seeing and observing animals in their natural habitat – I had the chance to see walruses and polar bears in Svalbard last year. It was mind blowing to see those creatures in their natural habitat and in real life and not just on a BBC documentary.

30. Visiting Asia – I was always inspired by Asian architecture, their beautiful pagodas, temples and gardens. As a teenager I loved reading Japanese Manga and watching anime.

Most of all, remember to enjoy your holiday no matter what you are doing!







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