Hi all,

Today’s quote is close to my heart as this is certainly the way I live my life.

You work hard and get paid for your labour.

We all need to work to make money, but buying physical things such as a car, a house, new clothes etc does not make us happy in the long run. Maybe having your own house with a nice garden. 🙂

But ultimately tangible items and things do not make us happy. We always want more or bigger and better things.

But holidays and the experiences we have, and gain will stay with us forever.

“Jobs fill your pocket, adventures fill your soul”

– Jaine Lyn Beatty

What are you going to spend your money on?

And what do you think is important to you? Full pockets or a life well lived?

Happy Thursday!


  1. Anna,
    I agree that tangible items are not what make us happy in the big picture. Making memories and spending time with those you love (people and pets) is what brings us true happiness. I personally love traveling and getting in touch with nature. These are some of the most priceless things of life. However, hard work is super important, as it certainly builds character and it also allows us to earn money to do the fun things that we all love to do. “Work Hard, Play Hard” is one of the quotes I apply to my life. I recently read that this was a favorite slogan of Theodore Roosevelt as well. Great blog post!!
    Shannon Allen

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