Do you know that feeling when you have reached your destination and you start to unpack, only to realise that you have forgotten the sun screen again?

Every one of us has been in this situation at least once, maybe even more often as we keep on forgetting items that we actually really need during the holiday.

Here are a few of my items that I never go on holiday without and neither should anyone else who does not want their holiday ruined.

Of course, some items can easily be purchased at the destination, but some cannot.


We want to come back from holiday with a nice sun tan and make everyone in the office jealous. Many people do not use sun screen for this reason or they believe that they in general do not need it as they might not get easily burned.

However, the fact is that tanned skin is burned skin. So, sunscreen is a must.

I mentioned this in one of my previous posts “My beach bag essentials“, but one time I forgot the sunscreen and got burned the very first day of my holiday. I was in pain for two weeks.



I always go on holiday with a small pharmacy kit. This includes items such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, nasal spray, tablets against bloating or a bad stomach, sleeping pills and plasters/bandages.

Of course, never forget your standard medication and make sure to have enough medication with you for the duration of your trip.


There is nothing worse than going on holiday and getting a blister on the first day. Especially if you are planning to see a lot and walk a lot.

I experienced this two years ago as I was stupid and wore new shoes on the first day of the trip. I was not able to wear any sandals throughout the entire trip and could only wear trainers. And I was in the Mediterranean in June!!!

Since then I always carry blister plasters such as Compeed with me just in case as they ease the pain and aid the healing process.

Image by Constanze Riechert-Kurtze from Pixabay


I always take a water bottle with me when I go on holiday to stay hydrated. My holidays tend to be active and I do a lot of sightseeing, walking and hiking.

Especially in remote locations a water bottle with ice cold water can be a life saver.


These items are not just practical, but in some cases also necessary.

Antibacterial gels on a cruise ship prevent the spreading of diseases such as norovirus and in general gels, sprays and wipes are good for hygiene.

I also use the wipes to clean my hands when I am out and about after I had food when there are no toilets around to wash my hands.


Always check before you go on holiday the sockets and voltage that are used in the country you want to visit. Do not assume the entire world uses the same.

The voltage may determine if your device can be charged or not and how fast it may take to charge your device.

If the socket is different to the one you have at home, you need to take a travel adapter with you of course.

And absolutely do not forget to take your chargers and power banks with you if you want to stay connected.

Image by hanul choi from Pixabay


Some people may think it is not necessary, but I would always advice people to take at least a little cash with them.

You never know what is going to happen.

Credit cards can get blocked or some countries do not really accept them. If this is the case at least you will have some cash to get you going.


Always take copies of your travel documents such as flight and hotel bookings with you.

These may come in handy especially when you visit certain countries that need proof or do not speak English very well. At least you have something to show them instead of trying to explain what it is you need with your hands and feet.

And most importantly take a copy of your passport and/or ID with you.

I hope it will never happen to anyone that goes on holiday, but people get mugged on holiday. If you are unlucky and your passport is in the bag that was stolen, you need to have some form of identification with you to proof that you are you when you report the crime and when you try to get back home.


What are your standard items that you never go away without on holiday?


  1. One thing to add on the sunscreen – if you are going anywhere with coral make sure that sunscreen is reef-safe because the chemicals and oils in ordinary sunscreens are harmful to coral.


      1. Thanks for sharing your blog post about this. It was very interesting and so informative. All of us should do their part to protect the environment to our best abilty and if if the sunscreen is really around $6 then this is absolutly affordable, In the UK we pay an average of £8 for sunscreen. So it is a no brainer what we all should do.

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