Since I was a little girl I have been writing postcards from every single holiday I have been to, even if it was just an extended weekend trip. I send a postcard every single time to my family and when I go on longer holidays to my closest friends as well.

I grew up in a time where not everyone had a cell phone and you had to look for a telephone box to make a quick phone call back home to let everyone know that you are still alive.

Sending a postcard a few days or one week into your holiday was part of letting everyone know that you are okay and that you are having the time of your life. Of course, you did not have to be at school or at work!!!

I enjoy sending postcards and I am soooo happy receiving one, especially when I am not expecting one. But I see less and less of that good old postcard.

Instead I receive an email or a WhatsApp message, sometimes even with a picture attached and that is all. How does that make me feel? To be honest I do not feel anything as there is no meaning, no thought behind this message and/or picture in my opinion. It is one of many that was taken and send in an instance. Most likely hundred other people received the same message and the same picture, well maybe not hundred, but you get what I mean.

A postcard requires effort, long hours of searching for the perfect card and finding a post office to get a stamp. It is physical evidence that a person you know has been at a particular destination and had a blast (hopefully). It is a message that they have thought of you, really thought of you. It makes me feel special, honoured and I get a sense of joy.

But now times are changing.  And I am wondering what happened to that good old postcard?


What do you think?

Are you still sending postcards or are they soon a thing of the past?


      1. It’s really lovely Anna and I’ve participating in the scheme for just over two years now sending and receiving approximately one card a week. If you have any concerns about the scheme, don’t hesitate to contact me. Marion


      2. Thank you so much Marion. I will have a closer look this weekend and if anything is unclear to me I will let you know. In the meantime enjoy your weekend! 🙂

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